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tethering an ATT 8525

How to tether an ATT 8525 device with your laptop/computer.  It can be done with an usb cable (here is the link to the USB modem for the 8525, you will need if doing with the USB cable) but I recommend doing it with a bluetooth USB adapter. 

1. Turn blue tooth on, on the ATT 8525 device. (Go to start, settings, connection, bluetooth, then check turn on bluetooth and make this device visible to to other devices)
2. Sync the 8525 with the laptop bluetooth.  (Go to start, settings, connection, bluetooth, devices, add new devices, select your computer and then tap next, select serial port and dialip networking then tap finish.)
3. on the 8525 go to start, programs, select “Internet Sharing”. under PC Connection select bluetooth PAN.  Then tap connect.
4. From the computer open your “my bluetooth places”
5. Go to “View Devices in Range”
6. Select “Pocket PC”
7. Select “Network Access Point on Pocket_PC”

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