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Get Dope Wars Game for your Blackberry Pearl Free

Yep I said free.  Click here to download the dopewars game for free for your blackberry pearl.  Ive not tested it with other blackberry’s but it should work with any of the newer blackberrys.

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  1. avatar Bman Says:
  2. avatar Fucko Loveskin Says:
  3. avatar tbrizic Says:
  4. avatar Bobo Says:
  5. avatar rich Says:
  6. avatar sir highazalwayz Says:

    its not working for me

  7. avatar whitney Says:
  8. avatar csal Says:

    Can’t download dopewars

  9. avatar j Says:
  10. avatar brk Says:
  11. avatar pearl Says:

    I can’t download

  12. avatar mark Says:

    It says unsupported content type I can’t download it

  13. avatar mikedoan Says:

    Its a zip file so I assume you have to download to your computer first then install it on the phone. I haven’t tried it yet but will try. If anyone does, make sure its not a virus or anything.

  14. avatar bob Says:

    You can’t even have an ota link. How fuckin gay

  15. avatar Lo Says:

    It works perfect with my bberry

  16. avatar 24karat Says:

    Can’t download directly 2 my blackberry

  17. avatar Joe Says:

    It does not work for my phone this is fucking

  18. avatar Nick Says:

    Seriously, for all you who complain about not having an ota download, then you host the file or stop whining like little girls, and figure out how to use the application loader, unless its too hard for you…..

  19. avatar penn Says:

    I guess cool guy nick has all day to sit in front of his computer and download shit to his blackberry.

    Nick: you’re not cool, the application manager is a bloated piece of software and a lot of us don’t have the time 19.99 blackberry special t
    hat you got on your parents family an because we have the enterprise setups!

  20. avatar kristin Says:

    uhmm… i dunno how to get it on my phone.

    someone help??

  21. avatar David Says:

    For those of you who need help installing this.

    1. Download it to your computer
    2. Unzip it to the desktop
    3. Run the Desktop Manager, make sure you’re BB is connected.
    4. Run the Application Loader and click “Add” up top
    5. Browse to where you unzipped the file and you’re good to go!

  22. avatar Charmaine Says:

    Nick eat a dick…nobody wants to go through all that bullshit for a wack ass game like this..

  23. avatar steven Says:

    fully working!! 5 on 5 download and installation

  24. avatar AdvGmni Says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been looking everywhere for this long loved/lost game!!

  25. avatar brandi Says:

    It brings me bk to this page wen I click download.. Wats unzip?

  26. avatar me Says:

    i dont get it , i tried downloading the game

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