How Do I get my pictures off my Moto Razr Phone?

So your question is that you have a Moto Razr and want to know how you can get your pictures to your computer.  There is a few options here.  One is that you can simply MMS (Multimedia Message) the picture to your email address.  Second you can use an usb cable with a program called Motorola Phone Tools, which has all the drivers and software to transfer your files to your computer.  Another option is to get a bluetooth usb drive to connect to your computer.  Then you can go into your pictures on your Moto Razr and choose to send it, then you choose to send it with bluetooth.  From there you would pick your computer and click to send.  Here is full details to do a trasnfer with bluetooth.  Hepefully these have answered your questions on how to transfer your pictures from your Motorola Razr to your computer.  If not comment and let us know what else you would like to know.

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  1. avatar Beth Says:

    I have a RAZR. I have a mini usb cable to connect it to the computer. I could never MMS the pictures to any online source and the Bluetooth system in the phone never worked to hook up to a headset, let alone another phone or a computer. I have deactivated this phone and am using a different one now, but I still want the pictures off of my phone. Is there a way I can do it without paying 40 dollars for the Motorola Phone Tools software?

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