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ATT Launches Smart Limits

Att has launched “Smart Limits”which for $4.99 a month lets you limit your account.  Its $4.99 per line that you want, and will Launch on September 4th.  This will allow you to limit text messages, MMS Messages, wireless internet.  It Will even allow you to block specific phone numbers from calling you.  It also will allow you to only allow certain numbers on your family talk to only be able to use a certain amount of minutes from the plan.  This allows you to add your children to your account for example and then for $4.99 a month you can limit how many minutes and text messages they use so that you don’t get a ridicilously high bill from your kids talking a few thousand minutes.  Any questions, and I will try my best to find out and answer.

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  1. avatar Ron Says:

    how does this work? is it an application that goes on the phone or is it something that works from the CO? Does it block a number as soon as i enter it on the restricted number page or is there any lag time?

  2. avatar gas418 Says:

    You have it have it added to your cell phone line. Then you have to set it up online. As far as how long it takes to block the number I am not sure.

  3. avatar GG_Sophia Says:

    You can purchase it from your ATT online account or call customer service. You can then use it online to set restrictions just like you access your online account. The blocked number works as soon as you enter it on the restricted number page. It blocks voice and text messages.
    you can also set times when you don’t want your child to use the phone.

  4. avatar ATT to relaunch Smart Limits for Customers | Viral Electronics Says:

    [...] issue with 911 operators not being able to call back a customer with smart limits activated on.  Our orginal launch article on the ATT Smart Limits is here.  Instead of the orginal price at $4.99 they have adjusted it to a new lower $3.99 per month on [...]

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