More Nintendo’s Zelda Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers

We have our Round 2 of Blackberry Pearl Zelda Wallpapers.  These wallpapers are formatted to fit the blackberry pearl but will work with other mobile phones and devices.  Check out our first round of Zelda Blackberry Pearl wallpapers here plus see all of our blackberry wallpapers.

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New Blackberry Pearl 2/8120 Pictures

New Pics of the Blackberry Pearl 8120 aka the Pearl 2
From PinStack Forums
The New Pearl 8120…

OS 4.3 installed

WiFi w/ WiFi browser - but no built-in GPS

Improved version of SureType
Improved email layout and display
Improved voice control software
Improved keyboard layout
Improved camera & improved flash
External Entry MicroSD slot
3.5mm Headset Jack
Top AND rear loudspeaker opening
New Dimension L theme
Improved build [...]

Wow Miss Teen South Carolina your a dumb one there

This is a must watch.  I know that this is electronics or a phone, but I saw this on youtube and what in the hell?  Miss Teen South Carolina gets asked why she thinks most Americans can’t find the US on a map.  Her answer will leave you dumbfounded.  Like… Yeah it will.

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New Blackberry OS 4.3 Screen shots

I have to give Blackberry Cool some props they are probably the best blackberry news site I know of with constant updates and all kinds of news that I would never be able to get ahold of.  Cool new Screen shots off a Blackberry Curve of the new 4.3 OS.  Looks simular with a few [...]

ATT Communication Manager issue.

I was setting up the Communication Manager for ATT Wireless with a laptop connect card.  This is the first time I have ever had this issue, were Communication Manager would connect but not load webpages.  I checked that windows firewall wasn’t on, pinged google and got a response and checked a few other things.  Finally [...]

Nintendo’s Zelda Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers

All new Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers of Nintendo’s legendary Zelda.  These wallpapers are formatted for the blackberry pearl but will work on other mobile phones and devices.  Make sure to check out the rest of our free blackberry wallpapers here.

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Beyonce Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers Round 3

Oh yes even more Blackberry Pearl Wallpapers of the very beautiful Beyonce.  These are formatted to fit the blackberry pearl screen size but will work with other mobile phones and devices.  Make sure to check out our full collection of free blackberry pearl wallpapers here.  Also click to see Round 1 of Beyonce and Round [...]

More News on the new HTC Tilt

From GSM Arena, a recent post showing the new features of the new ATT wireless devices the HTC Tilt.
The new phone will feature the new HTC TouchFLO technology which is their advanced touch phone navigation to make it easier and faster to navigate.  Which for me will be a big thing, I have always found window [...]

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