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3 New Free Blackberry Games

Sign up with Blackberry’s Owner Lounge, you can get Monopoly Tycoon, Texas’ Holdem King 2, and Sudoku for free.  Yes 3 Free Blackberry Games.

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  1. avatar Justin Says:

    Yea, too bad when you enter the code, Handango gives you the game for free but charges a Download Protection fee of $4.95.

    Ripp off.

  2. avatar Mitch Says:

    If you look carefully you can unselect the download protection fee and then the new total will be free! :)

  3. avatar rajesh Says:
  4. avatar juy Says:

    I cant wait to get my christmas present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. avatar 8703e user Says:

    can 8703e users sign for the blackberry lounge cuz it doesnt let me. I’am 8703e user

  6. avatar anna Says:

    I registered, and now where can i find the 3 free games???

  7. avatar lol Says:

    Bull. I registered and didn’t find any of these supossed free games. Waste of my time.

  8. avatar missmejia Says:

    i just did it and got Sudoku, checkers, and bowling for free!

  9. avatar BB Pearl User Says:

    Okay I just registered but I can’t get the games to download! I can view them but there’s no option to download (there is an option to download the games that aren’t free!) this was a total waste of time!!!

  10. avatar 8703e Says:

    I got Sudoku, checkers, and bowling for free. It gave me the option to download the zip file and I was able to install the games using the desktop manager…sweet!

  11. avatar Shaz Says:

    I just signed up and no where can i see monopoly for free, i was only interested in this :-(

  12. avatar Bebblebrox Says:

    Monopoly is no longer there. Sucks, that’s all I wanted. Sudoko, checkers, and bowling is all.

  13. avatar mike Says:

    were is the download protection thing

  14. avatar irene scleparis Says:

    Downloaded free games…where r they? Waste of time!

  15. avatar Tony Says:

    this sight sucks. False advertising and all. KMA!!!!!!!!

  16. avatar nwalker73 Says:

    the reason you can’t download is your explorer is blocking it, after you select your phone type, look at the top of your screen and allow the pop-up. my problem is they wont load into my application loader……why the hell not????

  17. avatar Felix Says:

    I never dream of so many great things could come.
    It is one of the best ones out.

  18. avatar snf Says:
  19. avatar LoVeR Says:

    How do I download them??

  20. avatar maryvir Says:
  21. avatar james 43130 Says:

    what a waste of time. I expect more from blackberry

  22. avatar joseph Says:

    ive been looking for monopoly for a while

  23. avatar Rob M Says:

    Very cool. Thanks for the links!

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