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Free Color Pearl trackball color program for blackberry pearl 8100

New free download of a color pearl app for blackberry pearl 8100.  All you need to do is download this program and unzip it to your computer.  You then just use Blackberry Desktop manager to add it to your blackberry device.  After it is installed go to your options and under ColorPearl.  This app will allow you to pick from 7 different colors, random or custom.  It also allows you to create your own color by putting in a custom Color HTML code.  Pretty sweet, especially for a free app.  As I said this should work with Blackberry Pearls and Curves.

Here is a link on how to add 3rd party apps like the color peral program to your blackberry’s!  You do need to unzip for extract the files first, they are the same thing just two seperate terms.

How To unzip a file!:
Q5: How Do I Unzip Files?Ans: First, you need to download and install either WinZip or WinRAR archive software. Once installed, the archive software should now be part of your Windows or Macintosh system.You open you a Zip file by double-clicking it.Commonly, one of two prompts will then appear:

  • “Unzip or install from an existing Zip file” in the WinZip Wizard. This Wizard will then walk you through the steps to unzip-extract the files.
  • “Extract files to…” in the WinRAR Wizard. Just like WinZip software, you will be prompted for the next steps. Give it several moments to do its job, and your files are now decompressed as separate complete files. You now use those files like you would any other files. If you want, you may also delete the Zip original file to now save space.

This is from on how to unzip a file

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  1. avatar Kyle Says:

    this does not work on the curve, i tried it and it says it only works on the pearl

  2. avatar TM Says:

    Yes, not luck on the curve. The blackberry software says it is not support for this device.

  3. avatar SOGSEAL Says:

    how to downnload it .:)

  4. avatar crystle Says:

    thats cuz the colorball is a dope a liciouz program for dope a liciouz phones like the pearl =]

  5. avatar karma Says:
  6. avatar karma Says:

    i love these downloads

  7. avatar Jim Says:

    does not work with curve

  8. avatar matt Says:

    It does not work with the 8310 curve.

  9. avatar Al Says:

    xD im download now roflmao

  10. avatar Ani Says:

    Maybe i’m retarded, but on my pearl, it says ColorPearl only works on the blackberry 8100/pearl. i thought this was supposed to work on the 8130 too??? am i doing something wrong? thanks!

  11. avatar Samantha Batty Says:

    Thank you so much. its not what i expected, but i love it.

  12. avatar trent Says:

    it will only work on the pearl… none of the curves have the color led’s behind the ball. i had it for the pearl and it worked great, but just recently upgraded to the red 8310 and there is no way there will ever be one for a curve.

  13. avatar mr. Nos Says:

    thanks for the free application..I’m loving the multi color pearl.. It add personality to the 8100. Peace..

  14. avatar Missy Says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  15. avatar Victoria Says:

    how do you put the program on your phone..i need help..step by step instructions plz…appreciated

  16. avatar Eric Says:

    I think I may be too stupid to do this. This is going to sound dumb but what does “unzip” it to your computer mean? How do I do this? Once I figure this out I know it will be absolutely awsome!

    Thank you much appreciated!!!!

  17. avatar Keisha Says:

    Hello. I cant seem to put this on my Blackberry. What do I have to do?

  18. avatar Rick Says:

    hi i downloaded ColorPearl also and dont no how to get it on my bb can anyone help and thanks

  19. avatar Megan Says:

    I can’t figure out how to use the Blackberry Device Manager to download the program to my blackberry pearl. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

  20. avatar Teddy Says:

    can u please show me how 2 unzip the software to my computer??? becos this zip this is not working for me.

  21. avatar JB Says:
  22. avatar Teddy Says:

    can u please explain more about it. I cant do if from my computer.

  23. avatar hag Says:
  24. avatar hag Says:
  25. avatar Nathan Says:

    This application only works with the 8100 pearl an does not work with the 8130 with Verizon.

  26. avatar Alex Says:

    Help please…Downloaded this to my Vista Desktop and unzipped it like it said. I then tried to load it through the Desktop manager…then I get this silly message that says ” No additional applications designed for your device found”

    I dont get it. When I search the blackberry troubleshooter. It says that this message means that this software is not made for my device.

    I appreciate any responses. thank you.

  27. avatar Jorge Says:

    The reason that the curve can’t have different colors like the pearl is because the curves keyboard lighting doesnt have the different color l.e.d’s like the pearl does. It only has the one white led behind the trackball. It’s not a matter of software but a matter of hardware.

  28. avatar Jason Says:

    i hear that if u use the trackball color changing programs for the pearl, it changes the status light at the upper right for the curve and the 8800 series. does anyone know anything about this and if u do let me know

  29. avatar Adri Says:

    for people having trouble putting this feature onto the pearl i managed to fiddle around and do it.
    1. unzip the file to your computer once winzip or winrar has opened the files select all, right click and extract the files to your computer. (i put it on my desktop so that it was easy to find after)
    2. open your device manager and click on application loader. it it says that that there are no applications to upload, click on add and find the file on your computer, add it and then click next and it’ll upload to your phone.. done and done

  30. avatar ambi Says:

    Its koo I like it lots

  31. avatar Carson Says:

    Thanks so much for this app. download.

  32. avatar kelly Says:

    after downloading it to your phone how do you go to it on your phone and pick a color?

    right now ive got blue green and pink lights on my trackball.
    i just want one color

    please help!!??!!

  33. avatar Tee Says:

    hey can you give me step by step instructions for doing this? getting the trackball download colors on my phone…thanks!

  34. avatar keton Says:

    um… i might be retated or some shit but how do i download this haha

  35. avatar christy Says:

    I really want this trackball color thing but how in petes name do you download and unzip????

  36. avatar Sarah Says:

    How do you change the color after you download the app?

  37. avatar gas418 Says:

    To change the Color you go into the settings of the blackberry pearl. It is located under the settings.

  38. avatar andy Says:

    how do you change the coler of the pearl

  39. avatar Tibo Robles Says:

    Has anybody figured out any custom colors. I experimented with changing the numberers and got a different color. I was wondering if anybody has a chart to make particular colors like a darker blue.

  40. avatar girl Says:

    it says that the blackberry software
    does not support this device and i have
    a blackberry pearl? any reason to why
    it wont work

  41. avatar girl Says:

    could anyone tell me why it wont let me add
    the software onto my device. i have a blackberry
    pearl and when i try to add the application
    it says the blackberry software does not support
    the device

  42. avatar angel pc224 Says:

    Hello, does anybody have the code to changing color to dark blue I had it but it just went light blue, please help..

  43. avatar JESS Says:

    so i downloaded it but i cant seem how to unzip the file!!can you help me with this please!!
    n step by step would be very helpful!

  44. avatar jess Says:

    nevermind i got it to work but can you change your trackcolor to do a multicolor flashing thing like go from blue to pink to green…??

  45. avatar brittany Says:

    i tried to do this but it says the blackberry software does not support
    the device, and i have the 8100, does any one know why this aint working.


  46. avatar Dalizzo Says:

    thx soooo much my t-mobile blackberry is ven better now, can i change the keybored to, cuz it’z still white and i wanna change that to

  47. avatar CB Says:

    This is so kool, it worked!!!

  48. avatar corey Says:

    help i need step by step instructions i have the 8100 pearl

  49. avatar Kyle Says:
  50. avatar MC Says:

    I don’t know how to get it, it says open or save and i have pressed both, and nothing is happening.
    do i need to conect my blackberry to the computer?

  51. avatar JM Says:

    HELP i need step by step instructions. I have the blackberry 8100


  52. avatar 120050 Says:

    i installed this on my pearl 8130 and when i went to run the program it said that it only works on 8100! did i do something wrong?

  53. avatar Briona Says:

    i downloaded colorpearl, which then showed up in .ax form and .cod form through winzip. everyone keeps saying that you have to unzip the files but its unclear to me how u do it. Is it the same as extracting a file? please help and i need the next steps after i unzip them. thankz

  54. avatar Kelly Carter Says:

    You said you made ColorPearl work on an 8130 using info you got on my blog. That’s news to me–I couldn’t get it to work on my 8130. It reported “only works on the 8100.”

    But everyone, please come check out my blog anyway. There’s plenty of other useful info there.
    Kelly Carter

  55. avatar Kelly Carter Says:

    For those of you who don’t know how to install apps on your Pearl, I have a post that might be helpful. Go to and read the post named “Installing Applications.”

  56. avatar Kevin Says:

    How do I download it to my phone I have a 8100 but it says media not supported: application/unzip or sumthin like that

  57. avatar RubyG Says:

    I initially downloaded the Trial Version found in the BB Lounge. That was before I discovered this site.

    I suppose I have to uninstall the Trial Version from my BB first before re-installing this one?

  58. avatar RubyG Says:

    Ooppss.. please disregard the first question. I was impatient and at the same time excited to get the colors on my pearl that I’ve decided to uninstall the Trial Version.
    I’ve successfully installed the new one but the some colors are not as vivid. Is there a way to improve on this?

  59. avatar kayla Says:

    is this possable to do if you dont have the internet opintion on your phone..?
    i know a few people who dont have the internet but are still able to get this to just having problems..

  60. avatar Kelly Carter Says:

    Oh, and the theme works for all 8100-series Pearls, not just the 8130. Again, see

  61. avatar Leah Says:

    I need help downloading the program. Can someone give me step by step instructions. I download it but after that I don’t understand what to do next! Help! Please!


  62. avatar Warner Says:

    Did anyone, besides Kelly, get the color pearl to work with their 8130? I have the 8130 and it states it won’t work.

  63. avatar Warner Says:

    Sorry, I meant did anyone besides Kyle get it to work? I was checking Kelly’s site when I typed it and put the wrong name.

  64. avatar Mariela Says:

    omg thank you so much thats the only reason why i wanted the blackberry because of the trackball!!!…and than my man bought it for me!!…so i was getting mad that i couldnt get it to change and then i found this lol…i was gona buy the software!!!…omg thank you for it so much!!!…i love it!!!!!…oh and thanks adri your steps really helped alot!

  65. avatar STNRJ Says:

    I found out how to put it on dark blue!!!!

  66. avatar JS Says:

    I have an alltel blackberry pearl 8130 and i downloaded the file then unzipped it and tried to add it on my application loader but it wont load because it says no additional programs were found for my device, how do i get this to work?

  67. avatar chefjeff Says:

    can some one PLEASE help me out, Im havin trouble putting this on my phone. When i try to do it it says there are no application found for this phone. HELPP!

  68. avatar chefjeff Says:

    today if at all possible.

  69. avatar Leviticusj Says:

    Color pearl will not work on the curve!!! Ok to unzip the folder,double click on the folder and to the left you should see unzip folder. I did it to the desktop so it would be easyer to find when loading. To put the color pearl on your phone you must have the software (desktop manager) for you black berry pearl otherwise you will not be able to do this. Then you open your desktop manager and go to Application loader, Then it will start loading then you will see and add button. Click the add button it will ask you what to add and go to color pearl and it will do it. This will restart your phone. When you phone has restarted go to your menu and go to options. You will then see color pearl go to that and when you do choose a color hit the menu button again and save it so it will show.

  70. avatar maria londono Says:


    i love thisssss

    it looks so pretyyy.

    thanksss alot.

  71. avatar Stock Says:

    A little confusing @ first but worth the confusion. gives the pearl personality. don’t know if everyone else had to but for the 8100 i had to load BB software to my pc then download the color track ball zip file then with the USB cable send it to my phone.

  72. avatar Steve Says:

    Its not going to work on any other blackberry models other than the 8100 Pearl because none of the other models have Color LED’s underneath the trackball. This feature is only on the 8100 Pearl.

  73. avatar andrew Says:

    does the colorball work on the 8130 Pearl>?? i dont want to download until im sure

  74. avatar jake Says:

    thnx guys soo it works amazingly with my pearl keep it up

  75. avatar ManofGod Says:

    No the ball doesn’t light up on the Curve 8310, which is a bummer, but it does change the color on the notification light at the top of the phone ,,which still can be pretty sweet!!!!!!
    Be Blessed one and all!!!!

  76. avatar Erika Says:

    How do you unzip them?
    I can’t figure out how to do this.
    I have a Blackberry Pearl. And I don’t understand how to put it on the phone.

  77. avatar frank Says:

    How do you unzip them?
    I can’t figure out how to do this.
    I have a Blackberry Pearl. And I don’t understand how to put it on the phone.

  78. avatar frank Says:

    hey can you give me step by step instructions for doing this? getting the trackball download colors on my phone…thanks!

  79. avatar nic Says:

    Only works on the 8100 pearl, not the 8110

  80. avatar Janie Says:

    my advice to everyone is to go to youtube and look up “free color pearl tutorial” and for the people that don’t know how to download colorpearl.. all you have to do is go to google and type in “colorpearl” and there will be a downloading program.. after you download the program go watch the video on youtube and follow the instructions and wabaam! You will have a colored trackball..hehe i hope my advice helps :D

    ~ Janie

  81. avatar Jacques Chaurette Says:

    Great idea..Any chance it will ever work on the pearl 8110?


  82. avatar Steph Says:

    Thank you for the ColorPearl download. I had no problems downloading it on my Blackberry Pearl. Love the added effects!

  83. avatar LIA Says:

    i luv thisssssssssssssssss, its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 it totally rocks!!!!!!!

  84. avatar phyllis Says:

    how do i change the custom color of the ball. I’ve been trying to put in HTML codes but its not really working

  85. avatar reid Says:

    this shit doesnt work, where do you put the file after you unzip it?

  86. avatar gas418 Says:

    after you unzip it, you conntect your blackberry to your computer with the usb cable. Open Blackberry Manager and load the application with the software onto your blackberry.

  87. avatar Anna Says:

    Do you have to have the internet on your service plan (phone) to be able to load the colorpearl app?

  88. avatar Jonathan Says:

    Is there a way you can put this program in your SD card cause I’m having some troubles with my desktop manager.

  89. avatar Justina Says:

    what does the unzip mean??

  90. avatar My First Video post from my Blackberry Pearl 8120 | Viral Electronics Says:

    [...] is my first post of a video from my Blackberry Pearl 8120.  A little disply of our Free Color Pearl Download page which is great and gets over 400 views a day, which I love!  Check out the video which I posted on [...]

  91. avatar jojo Says:

    to put it on your phone you need the desktop manager for your computer to your bb. (should have come with your purchase of the phone) just click load application and choose the .alx file and it will work. connect through usb

  92. avatar Anna Says:

    I tried doing it through that and it keeps telling me that I need the Blackberry Device Software or something. :(

  93. avatar Rochelle Says:

    omg i cant download this lol im retarded

  94. avatar michelle Says:

    can i use the color pearl trac ball on a 8110 pearl

  95. avatar jill Says:

    That is extremely gay that the color trackball doesn’t work for the pearl 8110 =(

  96. avatar mo Says:

    how do you make a custom color

  97. avatar mike Says:

    Didnt even know I could do this till I found this site. Neat little feature. tyvm

  98. avatar Brian Says:

    OMG i love this!
    As for color codes, there is a universal code. Really, you can go to something like photoshop and scrolll to the color shade you like, than a code should pop up somewhere which also lets you type in a specific code for those who already knows the exact shade of the color they like. Paint shops also have lists of codes for different shades of color. Try searching google for color code? :p

  99. avatar Cesar Says:

    OMG this new stuff 4 that pearl its so kool i luve my fon now!!! thank ya’ll !!! PEACE

  100. avatar nikki Says:

    How annoying!!! I have the 8110 too….exactly the same as the 8100….same trac ball but oh no…it doesn’t work!! how come???? will someboday pls make it for the 8110 :( xx

  101. avatar Justino Says:

    Wow! Great app. yea only works on Pearl 8100, but it’s free n has better capabilities than the application is offering n they charge $4.99 for the download. Very satisfied!

  102. avatar ali Says:

    i have a blackberry pearl 8110, i downloaded this and it went onto my phone. when i clicked on “colortrack” it said it only worked on the blackberry pearl 8110. why is this and how do i fix it?

  103. avatar Laura Says:

    OMG I love it!! It looks super awesome!

  104. avatar Julie Lam Says:

    Okay.. My problem is that it works on my Pearl/8100. It’s just it only stays a MULTi COLoorrr. I want it to BE ONE COLOR >:O

  105. avatar Julie Lam Says:

    Nvm… It’s because my phone is updated to OS4.5
    thas why. Poop.

  106. avatar Kylie Says:

    I need help! I got the files into winzip and i saved them to my desktop and tried to open and it woudlnt let me. I got an error message saying that there are no recognizable applications. what do i do?

  107. avatar Heather Says:

    i was about to do it then i learned that if you do that you loose all warenty on your phone and a free download is not worth over 300$ to me

  108. avatar chris Says:

    Thanks it works perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. avatar Danny Says:

    this is cool it really does work. all these dumb people above me dont kno how to do shit…i got color pearl and 2 games….. =]

  110. avatar trackball color - BlackBerry Forums at Says:

    [...] Free Color Pearl trackball color program for blackberry pearl 8100 : Viral Electronics __________________ … and stuff! Stoner’s memory optimization guide John Clark’s memory optimization guide BlackBerry 101: Lecture series [...]

  111. avatar apple's bb Says:

    hey,,i own a blackberry pearl 8100,,& i’ve been dying to have a different color on my trackball so i found this site and then download this first its hard but u have to read it carefully then you will find out..if u need help to download this or install it on your cell your free to contact me on my email or chat with me ok..its [email protected]..ok..i really want to share this to you…kk bye..thank you viral electronics..keep it up..!!!

  112. avatar angie Says:

    i hear that if u use the trackball color changing programs for the pearl, it changes the status light at the upper right for the curve and the 8800 series. does anyone know anything about this and if u do let me know

  113. avatar Lynn Says:
  114. avatar brijesh Says:

    hey its realy wonderful application thanks man..
    really congrts to you its gr8..keep it up…

  115. avatar toni Says:

    hello i have downloaded winzip and i have the disk so what am i suppose to do next? please help

  116. avatar Ryan Says:

    Dose this trackball program work on the pearl 8120?and if so how do i get it to work

  117. avatar Nikki Says:

    i need step by step… i cant fiugure it out

  118. avatar Bobby Says:

    Does another App works with the 8120 ?

  119. avatar angelo Says:

    Umm i dnt got internet on my computr can i get it off my blackberry please answer

  120. avatar ahmed Says:

    very cooooooooooool

  121. avatar daria Says:

    i need help because i download it to my desktop and moved it to my blackberry pearl and it doesnt show up on options.. what am i doing wrongg? thaanks

  122. avatar I have the Pearl 8110 Says:

    When I downloaded this application on my Blackberry Pearl 8110 it said that it was only for the 8100. I thought that this application worked on any of the blackberry pearls and not just the 8100. If so, please tell me what I did incorrectly? I would love to have the program.


  123. avatar Me Says:


  124. avatar r.b. Says:
  125. avatar Spy Says:

    makes me sad that so many blackberry owners are incapable of doing something so simple. I thought blackberry owners were better than that. sigh*

  126. avatar Maydel Says:

    i just downloaded a winzip on to my computer but it doesnt let me run it… i have no i dea on how to do this!!! please help!!!

  127. avatar Manx Says:

    awesome! thanx for posting this.

    and yea this is made for only the pearl not other models. its unfortuante but true.

  128. avatar WarriorGal Says:

    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!
    MAKE IT WORK ON 4.5!!

  129. avatar Dagger! Says:

    OMFG! it works i alomst had an orgasm lol

  130. avatar Koda Bear Says:

    tight!!! it worked thanx a bunch!!

  131. avatar bob Says:

    Doesn’t work on my at&t 8120 :(

  132. avatar west coast avenger Says:

    I got it but how do you make it switch colors? I selected random but it only works when I touch the trackball then leave it alone for a bit then it switches the color

  133. avatar shelby Says:

    ok. so i have no idea how to unzip or anything.
    can someone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me how to get it onto my phone? ):
    it would be very greatly appreciated (:

  134. avatar kassi Says:

    Okay. I hooked up my blackberry to my computer and my blackberry poped up a thing that says USB charing not sufficient. Verify that your handheld is connected to a powered USB charging sourse and that it’s sufficient. Verify that your handhelp is connected to a powered USB charging source and that they proper USB driver is installed.

    It won’t go away and I really want to download this program Someone help me!!

  135. avatar Ayana Says:

    Thanks for the files , i downloaded it and everything but now my colors wont change when i go to options and switch the color its stuck at a pinky color … can someone please let me knwo how to change it … thank you soo much

  136. avatar Carrie Says:

    This “color trackball” does work for ONLY, the “blackberry pearl”. The “blackberry curves” do not have the colors installed in them, they were not made to change color. Customer support told me that so this will not work for any of the curves. Weird I know! But thats the deal!

  137. avatar ass-about-face Says:

    Look, all of you assholes bitching because you don’t know how to load stuff on to your blackberry or don’t know how to unzip a file. Piss off, get a life and leave the rest of us to get on with ours.

  138. avatar Almi Says:

    @ all be worry about the disfunction from Color Pearl with Sofware Version 4.5

    Use blingball a new beta tool should be the
    same as Color Pearl


  139. avatar atown Says:

    I luv my curve!!
    But why dnt it work I tried & tried still dnt wrk..this sucks

  140. avatar amy Says:

    Is there any website to have the color trackball for the blackberry curves? Please email me

  141. avatar David Says:

    This will only work
    On the pearl 8100 because the track ball was originally going 2 be the message indicator

  142. avatar David Says:

    the reason this feature only works w the pearl is because the treckball was originally going to be the indicator light (new message, battery low, etc..)

  143. avatar Brooke Says:

    How do you put this on the blackberry pearl? it wont work

  144. avatar Yanno Says:

    Someone tell me if its possible to put pearl colors on the 8110. If so PLEASE HELP. I downloaded it and all it says is color pearl only works on 8100

  145. avatar Phrench Vanilla Says:

    Pearls Rule.. who needs a curve anyway! hey does anyone else have the Iphone theme? that totally kicks ass!

  146. avatar chris Says:

    why does it say theres xml eror on line 1

  147. avatar Badwound Says:

    damn, your good !! this things ROCKS !!!

  148. avatar dmoney Says:

    man dis needs 2 be for all blackberrys wit a trackball!!!!!!!!

  149. avatar Shylo Says:

    Can someone send me one of the programs?

  150. avatar Custom colored trackball for your Blackberry 88xx  | Gear Diary Says:

    [...] which controls changing the color of the trackball. This means you can use a software program to control the Pearl trackball default color. However if you’re using an 88xx series Blackberry you can’t use a software program to [...]

  151. avatar Gabby Says:

    I downloaded this to my Pearl and it doesn’t work???

  152. avatar Ryan Says:

    sorry to bother you but i am having problems getting this on my blackberry 8100 i did everything it said but.. for somereason it says “no additional applications found for this device” im completely confused with what to do next so if u dont mind would u PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me figure it out it would be much appreciated :) thank you for your time

  153. avatar kyle Says:


  154. avatar monica Says:

    only the color green works with this application can someone help me figure out why please?!?!!?!!?

  155. avatar nickchink6 Says:

    doesn’t work on 8110 for att

  156. avatar Likvid Says:

    HEhh! :S Damn! I have an BB 8110 and this program dont work, ” colorPearl only works on the BB Pearl 8100 …:D

    Anybody can other usable progz for 8110? …


  157. avatar Likvid Says:

    HOW CAN I DL BB OS 4.5 (most model, multilang).. ?

  158. avatar Blackberry 8330 - BlackBerry Forums at Says:

    [...] is supposedly for the 8100 but who knows… Free Color Pearl trackball color program for blackberry pearl 8100 : Viral Electronics Hope it works for ya. If I can figure out how to get mine to light up again then I may DL myself [...]

  159. avatar moe Says:

    i installed the colour pearl application and it runs well but it comes multi-colored and i cnt make it one color! can someone please help me and tell me what i should do or any possible solutions to my problem.i want to make it one colour but all of them come on and make it multi coulored. any sollutions?

  160. avatar Steven Says:

    After you have downloaded and installed Winrar, then download the file and save it to your desktop. If you have done it correctly the file should look like 3 books stacked up. Right click on it and click “Extract here” which should extract it to the desktop. Open the Desktop Manager program, and click “Application Loader”. Select the file “ColorPearl” from your desktop. Click “Next” or “Finish” And it will upload the file onto your Blackberry. Your Blackberry at this time will probably have a constant red light as if it is recieving a text message. This is normal, and within about 1 minute it will come up with a white screen and a rotating hourglass. Wait for it to finish and return to your normal screen. Hit the “Menu” button and select options. Go into ColorPearl, and click it. At that time it should allow you to select your color and there you have it. If it comes up with “ColorPearl only works on the Blackberry 8100/Pearl”, that means that you are using something besides the standard 8100, and therefore will only work with that model. And that is how to install the program to your phone.

  161. avatar BBoi (PLZ REPLY) Says:

    Does this app work on the 8120? Plz reply!

  162. avatar Kara Says:

    okkk sooo i just got the pearl i know nothing i dont know even how to get shit on it i downloaded this it just told me to save it then it downloaded now i have no idea what to do for it to go to my pearl. please helpp me.

  163. avatar Camila Says:

    i want a pearl!!!!!

  164. avatar matt Says:

    Does this work on the BlackBerry pearl 8220?
    Aka the flip?

  165. avatar Neven Says:

    Does this app work for mac? If so, how do you make it work?

  166. avatar Miles Says:

    I have the Pearl 8100 and it works great on mine hahaha to the people who have the curves they suck lol!!! It worked great though

  167. avatar freddy Says:


  168. avatar Kelsey Says:

    I cant unzip the program at all
    i really dont know how to do that
    help me!!!!
    ive tried so many times
    and it opens the acrob somthing program….
    :( :(

  169. avatar manny Says:

    i installed everything and shit , and it says its on my phone when i go to

    options > advanced options > applications

    but when i just go to options i cant find it ?
    cany anyone help me here ?

  170. avatar James Says:

    Do u know how 2 change the trackball color on the Blackberry Pearl 8130?

  171. avatar Shahin Says:

    i know abut color pearl and i have it pleas call me

  172. avatar Ric Hardwood Says:

    would this work for the bold?

  173. avatar Rick C Says:

    To those who recently got the new Blackberry Pearl 8110. Bad news, I downloaded color pearl and followed everything perfectly to install, but then, when I went to options ‘color pearl’ to enable the trackball, I got a message that color pearl only works with 8100.

  174. avatar nicole Says:


  175. avatar julie Says:

    does any know if you can change the color of the trackball on the blackberry flip phone?

  176. avatar brandi bby Says:

    is this free i dont want it to charge me sum one answer soon pleazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  177. avatar brandi bby Says:

    yepp this is FREE download this app its AWESUMM trust me its worth it

  178. avatar tex Says:

    can u guys help me on bb8100. extract it those file on my pc but how to make it work on blackberry 8100?how do i make those lights working……i know its goes viz usb cable but after that i got lost plz can any one help me out with it.and how to change those icons as a iphone on bb8100…..let me know….thanx again i really appriciated it….thanx…

  179. avatar Rose Says:

    Yeah I tried on my 8110 and it does not work. Loads fine but says it only works on 8100

  180. avatar Adrian Says:

    does this work for the 8110 pearl?

  181. avatar Patrick Says:

    This only works with the Blackberry pearl 8100. (The version linked to on this page anyway)

  182. avatar CASSIE Says:

    ONLY WORKS ON 8100 :)

  183. avatar Samantha Says:

    it doesnt work on the bb pearl 8110, does anyone know how to make it work on the bb pearl 8110? because for me it just says only works on 8100/pearl?
    anyways if anyone has any tips on how to work it on my 8110, it would be much appreciated ! thankyoux

  184. avatar trigsby Says:

    you cannot change the led for the 8130.
    but i found on that you can get colored trackballs for $7.99

  185. avatar Katie Says:

    It won’t work for me. I extracted the files, but it won’t open, and, yes, I have the right blackberry, can someone please help.

  186. avatar lee Says:

    u rox.. it worked on the 8100


  187. avatar Joe Says:

    Is there any way to get this app working using only bluetooth (not desktop manager)?

  188. avatar Daf Says:

    hey..i downloaded the app and got everything on my bb but when i try to enable it and save the setting it is the same screen. it wont let me save. and the red indicator light stays red even when im not on that app.. can someone tell me what is going on and how to fix it.. please and thank you

  189. avatar theonethatreads Says:

    Uhm, if any of you can read, it says every were that it only works with the pear, and that the curve does not have the colored LED’s in the trackball. do us all a favor, read before you bitch.

  190. avatar Joe Says:

    Can I download this feature on my Alltel BB Pearl 8130?

  191. avatar ali Says:

    i have a blackberry 8110 and its saying i cant use it when i go to it off my phone any one know why

  192. avatar Jesse Says:

    I added this ap and all the lights are lit up i cant figure how to change them can you please help me thanks

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