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New Dark free Blackberry Curve Theme

New Dark free Blackberry Curve Theme
Check it out and download the new free blackberry curve theme.

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  1. avatar joe Says:
  2. avatar moorken Says:

    hi dude, very cool and smooth blackberry themes! thanks!

  3. avatar mandy Says:
  4. avatar kensil Says:
  5. avatar lak Says:
  6. avatar michelle Says:

    Theme looks cool but i couldn’t get to the download page.

  7. avatar DTV Help Says:

    Works great with the 8330, thanks again!

  8. avatar Holden Says:


    i’ve been looking for a today theme that can dispaly the next 4 appointments on the calendar and 3 lines for tasks.

    Would you be willing to develop this for me at a price? It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can follow the default today theme.



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