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LG Rumor for Sprint Video Review

The LG Rumor from Sprint Wireless with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. 

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  1. avatar tykobird Says:

    Well I got this phone yesterdayand it rocks. I love the fact it is simple and nice looking to boot. I also love the fact it does not have the bells and whistles t others have, it does what a phone is suppose to do. I love it. I was a avid flip phome person and I was a little leary about getting the rumor and now I am glad, like I said it rocks. The only thing I do not like and it is very basic, is that I can not put a strap on it and that I can not find a decent case for it, other than that it is a great phone. IT ROCKS.

  2. avatar steevo Says:

    ive had this phone since june and its now march and i have broke this phone 4 times so far thank god i have the ulimited warranty thing well im 16 i got this phone cuz ya i love texting it was cool and all at first but then jus little stuff startded annoying me like for one wen i get on myspace mobile it tends to shut itself off pretty much all the web sux on this phone the only cool thing about this phone is the keyboard but i have an upgrade comming soon and im getting the htc touch wich compared to the rumor is god idk the rumor is the worse phone ive ever had its way worse then even the razr i defintly dont recomend this phone i cant wait to get rid of it!

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