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Neon and Black Blackberry Pearl Theme

Neon and Black Blackberry Pearl Theme
Nice Black background and Neon Icon free Blackberry Pearl Theme.

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  1. avatar George Aguirre Says:

    thank u very much..!!

  2. avatar erika Says:
  3. avatar star Says:
  4. avatar nick Says:
  5. avatar c Says:

    aaaaand how do i get this??

  6. avatar Scott Says:

    How can I get and apply the neon. TOO COOL !!!

  7. avatar KATHRYN Says:


  8. avatar mike Says:
  9. avatar Andrew Says:

    How do I get this

  10. avatar rebecca Says:

    i want it….n how do i get it??

  11. avatar courtney Says:

    how do i get this without paying money????? i just wanna download it and put it on my black berry pearl…how????????????
    please respond ASAP

  12. avatar brandie Says:

    how can i do this to mine?!?!?

  13. avatar neon Says:

    Can I get this one for free. If so why won’t it download.I just want it on my phone

  14. avatar Kaitlyn Says:

    How do i get this on my phone !?!

  15. avatar rubb Says:

    How can i download this this

  16. avatar jenny Says:

    ok instructions to download this: click on the picture and it will take you to the gemblock website. under the same picture you will see a clickable word which is in blue: “theme” click on that. then choose whichever them you like and for your phone click on the phone model that is your phone. click on the ota download. and it will download onto your phone. make sure you are on your phone and while visiting this website. its the only way to download this theme to your device. =) enjoy

  17. avatar liz Says:
  18. avatar neon express Says:

    How do I get this on the original blackberry pearl? Every time I click on it on my phone it says the page can’t be found. I would love to have this on my phone, thx!

  19. avatar garystewart Says:

    I would like this black&neon theme

  20. avatar cheyenne Says:
  21. avatar dee Says:

    How can I get this? I clicked on the image and it took me to another website and it said there was an error, that the link could not be found, that either it was deleted or moved. Help!

  22. avatar :) Says:

    IT’S SO COOL! i’ll download it right now :D keep doing more!

  23. avatar mike L Says:

    how do i get this? can you please email me the link?

  24. avatar emilee Says:

    I want this theme but it says there’s an error. Please send this theme!
    (Thank you)

  25. avatar danny Says:

    how do i get this neon theme for my bb 8100?? please help

  26. avatar rachel Says:

    how do i get this???

  27. avatar kayla Says:

    can i get this without internet. PLEASE RESPOND.

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