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New google maps app is out!

Okay who needs GPS on a phone?  Google Maps now can triangulate your location and tell you approximately where you are.  I does this by trying to guess your location within the 3 closest towers to your phone.  This even works in buildings where with GPS to work its best you need to be outside for it to work with the satellite links.  You definitely want to download this.  You can even get directions from your current location so even if your out and about and have no clue where you are, you are able to get directions.  If your running a blackberry or other mobile device it is probably better to delete the current version if you are running it.  Then go to and at the bottom of the page there is a link for gmail, google maps and other google applications.  Go to that link and you can download google maps to your phone.  You can also go directly to the Google Maps Mobile site to download it by going to The new version is 2.0.0

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