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A Rant against Verizon’s “Open” Network

So why am I so against Verizon?  I’ve actually sold Verizon before and they are very locked down.  They keep all of their mobile devices locked down feature wise.  For example most devices you can not transfer pictures with bluetooth, they only allow you to use a bluetooth headset.  Another example is their so called great music that they advertise where you cant use standard mp3′s you have to purchase mp3′s from their library for your phone.  This is a rant from the WAP Review, a very good WAP page website that does many reviews.  His rant on not being able to use a Verizon Wireless prepaid phone on their contract plans.  They wont activate smart phones and PDA phones on prepaid plans.  “Verizon has historically been the most restrictive of US networks in locking down their network and devices.”  “All carping aside, my take is that Verizon’s “opening” of their network is a response Google’s Android and positioning in advance of the 700MHz spectrum auction. The actual opening is set to occur late next year, where it conveniently coincides with the release of the first Android phone.”

For those that don’t know with GSM networks such has ATT Wireless, T-Mobile and others across the world, you can change SIM cards from one phone to another and transfer your services.  It doesn’t matter if the phone is prepaid or a contract phone or one you bought off E-Bay.  For the most part they only locking the GSM companies do is in locking their phones to their carrier.  Which is fair in a way considering most of the time they subsidize the cost of the phone to the customer so that more people can afford the wireless phones and make it easier to afford.

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