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Digg Users, please get your face out of Apple’s Ass

Digg Users, please get your face out of Apples Ass
Ok today is January 15, I go to a great social user website.  I am looking in the technology section to see what new and interesting could possibly be going on today, but wait I am flooded by Apple Fan boys!  I mean what the hell, 6 of the top 10 technology stories today are Apple stories!  One of them is that Steve Jobs might wear blue jeans and a black shirt.  Really, is this such a big story?  I understand that Apple released the ipod… what about 5 years ago.  Yes last year they released the iphone, which is an ipod that you can call from.  It’s not a smart phone, but yet it has a nice web browser.  Seriously how much Apple hype do you need?  As far as I know of their isn’t even any huge rumor’s of something great from Apple this year.  What another over priced laptop?  It’s amazing that just to upgrade google maps so that it will show you where you are that Apple had to release a new firmwire update, I think all other phones could download that upgrade for google maps a few weeks or month ago.  Please Steve Jobs can you auction off your underwear on a new Apple created online auction website so that Apple Fan boys can buy them and sniff them continuously.

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