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Blackberry Pearl free Skull Girl Theme by request

Blackberry Pearl Skull girl Theme by Request.

Check out this site for more of the themes.

Blackberry Pearl free Skull Girl Theme by request

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  1. avatar Daria Mikita Says:

    hi, i’ve been trying sooo hard to get my pearl to have this theme, and nothing’s worked. i’ve downloaded the desktop manager from the rim website and installed it and still gives me that error. i just wish you made an ota link for it. that would help so much.


  2. avatar trista Says:

    Omg an ota link would rawk! If you make one could you please let me know? Thanks

  3. avatar stacey heiden Says:

    Please give us an OTA link. Would be awesome

  4. avatar Arlene Says:

    Yeah I would love this theme but I keep getting an error too! Let me know when its accessable. Thanks a bunch!

    Arlene. Xoxoxo

  5. avatar ash* Says:

    An OTA link would be
    I love this theme!

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