Speed up loading pictures on your blackberry

Posted on February 11, 2008
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With my Blackberry Pearl 8100 I tend to save a lot of pictures that my friends send me and that of course pictures I take.  So when I go to pull up the pictures on the media section of my phone sometimes it can take a long time to pull up.  My pictures are already saved to a micro SD card, which saves memory on your blackberry and helps it run faster period.  I would always advise saving photos, videos, mp3’s and all to an micro SD card just to improve the performance of your blackberry.

My tip though is to make sub folders under your pictures to separate and sort your pictures in.  You can do this easily by connecting your blackberry to your computer with the USB cable and on the blackberry it will pop up and ask if you want to use this as a data storage device and you tell it yes or no.  Select yes on your blackberry.  On your Windows computer it should pop up a list of options of how to open the attached device, you then select open folder to view files.  Next select the “blackberry” folder, then select the “pictures” folder, then right click a blank area and select “new” from the right click menu and “folder.”  You can then rename the folder to what you want it to be and drag the photos that you want to be saved under that folder to that folder.  You can do multiple folders under the pictures folder.

When you go to view your pictures from your blackberry now, it should load much faster and will show your sub folders and select those to view your pictures.

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