iEntry 10th Anniversary RSS Feed Video site now has a mobile site… ATTN: This works on BLACKBERRY!, which is a pretty popular video site similar to youtube, now has their own mobile site  The amazing thing is, this doesn’t depend on Flash Video.  It downloads the video to your phone in a mobile format.  You can them play it on your phone!  So yes this works on Blackberry’s, I tried it on my Blackberry Pearl 8100.

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  2. avatar Kelly Carter Says:

    Can’t get video to work on my BlackBerry Pearl 8130. Got strange messages like “Are you sure you want to block?” “Failed to block user.” “Javascript not enabled on this phone.” “Loading in progress, please wait…” Well, the wait never ended. Performance was SLOOOOOOW. Looks like a low-class site. For STUNNING video on your BlackBerry, start here:

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