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Mario Brothers Blackberry Pearl theme

Mario Brothers Blackberry Pearl 8100 series Theme.  Make sure to check out more themes from

Mario Brothers Blackberry Pearl theme

Click here for the ZIP Link download for this theme

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  1. avatar BB World » Alien e Mario Brothers: Temi BlackBerry 81XX Says:

    [...] Non credo che il tema per BlackBerry PEARL Mario Bros abbia bisogno di qualche presentazione, in questo lavoro la particolarità sono le icone, rappresentate dai personaggi della saga di Mario Bros. Download ZIP tramite ViralElectronics. [...]

  2. avatar Mark Says:

    Anyway of getting the ota for this great looking theme?

  3. avatar Melanie Says:
  4. avatar allie Says:

    how do i get this to my phone if it doesnt have internet access

  5. avatar amber Says:

    How can i get this on my phone without emailing it to myself? thanks

  6. avatar katie Says:

    hey um i have no idea how to do this
    but i really really want this theme on my phone
    if you could help me out a bit with some instructions that would be awesome

  7. avatar damien Says:

    How can I guess this theme on my phone I don’t know how to do this please help me out I really like this theme

  8. avatar Justin Says:

    how do i download it without internet on my phone

  9. avatar mike L Says:

    is there any way to get ota?

    please respondddd

  10. avatar jii Says:

    wow to download this without internet on the phone dl it on your computer and use the desktop manager that came with the phone and load new application.

  11. avatar Joyce Says:

    How do I get this awesome theme onto my Blackberry Pearl?

  12. avatar jared Says:

    ok for those who don know how to do it for mot you can use the desktop manager for those who cant get it to work, like me, use a usb cable to connect it, go to my computer, open up the blackberry, then jut drag all the files for the theme into the folder. then diconnect, go to media in the blackberry and click on the application button by the scroll ball, go to explore on the menu it open up and click the appropiate jad file to install the theme. i have had no luck with alx themes yet

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