Sprint Punching back at the market with Cheaper Unlimited Plans

Posted on March 25, 2008
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Sprint has been getting hit within the past year with bad business news and bad numbers.   Yeah pretty much Sprint has been falling behind and struggling sense the purchase of struggling Nextel.  They have been throwing tones of money into advertising with the NASCAR Sprint (Nextel) cup and all of their new ads.  Finally within the past few weeks they have decided to take a new advertising stance.  The first ad I saw was with their new CEO making a statement.  Now they are pounding TV with new ads of their Cheaper ALL unlimited Plans.  Your top 2 carriers in ATT Wireless and Verizon Wireless both offered unlimited voice for $99.99 a month.  So in an effort to grab more customers and a larger slice of the wireless market, Sprint has released an unlimited Everything Plan for $99.  Where ATT and Verizon only give you unlimited voice, Sprint is giving you unlimited Voice, Messaging (txt and mms) and unlimited net.  This is actually one of the best moves Sprint has made lately.  We usually see these types of moves from T-Mobile which has has made moves with unlimited data and messaging before to undercut the larger carriers.  This should actually help Sprint grab more market share.  Now if they will just expand their service area to cover more of the US.


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