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My reply to Dave’s Comment on the Pearl 2.

Congrats Dave on a great comment!  I feel on fire tonight so I am going to post a reply for your comment.

First Dave’s Comment to the “How to Frustrate a Blackberry 8130 User.

“Hey there, just wanted to say that I do enjoy your blog and subscribe to it.

Are you aware that the BlackBerry 8130, 8110, 8120, etc are considered to be the Pearl 2? There is a significant software upgrade in this Pearl 2, as well as upgraded camera, keypad, and some other goodies… Like the SD Card can be loaded from the OUTSIDE and now (as you’ve noted) there are TWO convenience keys.

Anyway, the original Pearl/8100 is on the way out.

Best wishes.”

My Reply;  First off thank you Dave for being a reader and for subscribing I am very thankful for that and am thankful for all of my readers and subscribers.  As far as the “Pearl 2″  I do not consider the Blackberry Pearl 8130 a “Pearl 2,”  the reason is that this is the first generation Blackberry Pearl CDMA phone.  GSM and CDMA two totally different technologies and for the fact that the Pearl 8130 is the first CDMA Pearl then I would not consider it a Pearl 2. 

As far as the camera being upgraded.  Yes, the new Blackberry Pearl’s feature a 2mp camera, which was first put on the Curve by blackberry.  They just have transferred that technology to the new Pearl Phones.  As far as moving the camera to the opposite side of the phone, I really don’t see any reason for this in why they would do that except to basically change it so that 8100 backs and leather cases would not fit the 8130.  They also changed the headset jack to a full size stereo headset for the new Blackberry Pearls, which is another adaption from the Blackberry Curve.  Also they did make the MicroSD slot outside instead of behind the battery, which is great you no longer have to take the battery out to removed the SD card (all blackberry users are aware of how long it takes a blackberry to boot up after removing the battery).  Putting the MicroSD card slot on the outside isn’t too difficult and is something that had to be done, considering that most standard phones now feature a MicroSD card with external access.  The fact of 2 convenience keys… who knows?  Yes if you add another key this will change the layout of the phone.  I personally don’t use the smart key on my pearl 8100 now.

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