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Verizon makes top 5 worst places to work

First thanks to BerryReview for their post and pointing this out.

Verizon-Note to anyone who may be in the market for a new cell plan. The term “free upgrade” does not mean the same to Verizon as it may to you. Oh yeah, and I lied about Best Buy having the longest check-out lanes in the history of mankind. That honor definitely goes to Verizon. The Edugree article says that Verizon is guilty of “freezing pensions by e-mail and that the poor top-down management has caused some of the lowest morale ever in a company.” The Tech Republic

As for the local Verizon Wireless in my area, they are very well known for their horrible customer service.  It is known that if you are not going in that store to purchase a new phone that most of the people in there could give a crap less about you.

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  1. avatar Kelly Says:

    I appreciate your opinion however, unless you have ever worked for Verizon Wireless, You really have no right to comment on how Verizon Wireless is to work for. I have worked for the company for 12 years and worked in the industry for 18 years and have had nothing but an excellent experience. As with any company there are managers that are less than desirable and things that we don’t always like to do. I challenge anyone who works for a major employer to say that they can do what they want when they want! Unless you sign your own paycheck, you have no right to talk about how a company is run! They obviously know what they are doing or they wouldn’t be the only wireless provider in the black and actually making a profit. I do not see any other provider putting cash back in to the employees like Verizon does. Regarding the morale – Verizon is split up in to Regions and I am not sure which Region you are located. I will say that I am in the South Region and the morale is the best that I have ever experienced. Yes we have had lows as we are not perfect but again unless you sign your own paycheck what right do you have to complain! Open your own business and then you can dictate how the business is run and operated!!!
    As far as your store that you were discussing for “horrible customer service”, then I challenge you to go to and report how your experience has been. Verizon Wireless prides itself in its customer service and I would guarantee that you will get results if you will just tell someone who can make a difference. They cannot fix something if they know nothing about it. Verizon Wireless has not named #1 in J.D. Power for Customer Service for the past 2 years for nothing!!

  2. avatar gas418 Says:

    The first part of the post is not actually from me personally but is quoted off the Tech Republic. That is why it is posted that way with a link to tech republic after it.

    As far as the only wireless company to be in the black I have no clue about that. I do know that they fell from being the largest Wireless provider to being the second largest and their is a pretty large difference in customers between them and ATT Wireless (who is the largest North American service provider).

    As far as for dealing with customers, I would say as long as you never have a problem occur with Verizon you will probably be very happy. But Verizon is very infamous for pushing people into new contracts constantly. If they have not changed anything, then any plan changes Verizon will automatically renew your service contract and not notify you in many cases.

  3. avatar Info you can find out about Verizon on Wikipedia | Viral Electronics Says:

    [...] posted the article about Verizon being one of the top 5 worst companies to work for not because I wanted to bash Verizon, but because they are a wireless company and that is what I [...]

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