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Verizon makes top 5 worst places to work

First thanks to BerryReview for their post and pointing this out.

Verizon-Note to anyone who may be in the market for a new cell plan. The term “free upgrade” does not mean the same to Verizon as it may to you. Oh yeah, and I lied about Best Buy having the longest check-out lanes in the history of mankind. That honor definitely goes to Verizon. The Edugree article says that Verizon is guilty of “freezing pensions by e-mail and that the poor top-down management has caused some of the lowest morale ever in a company.” The Tech Republic

As for the local Verizon Wireless in my area, they are very well known for their horrible customer service.  It is known that if you are not going in that store to purchase a new phone that most of the people in there could give a crap less about you.

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