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Blackberry on the Urban Dictionary

So what does the Urban Dictionary have to say about what a Blackberry is?

“An irritable boil like sore you get on the inside of your anus. Almost as irritable as getting sent email when you are not at work. Some people consider the blackberry to be some sort of business status symbol to prove how important you are to the company.”

“when you are tapping a chick from behind and you use your thums to play with her ass”

As far as “crackberry”

“(adj.) pertaining to an individual who would utilize their blackberry at the level of addiction, or someone you know totally would if they actually had a blackberry. commonly someone involved in finance, business, or being a tool.”

“a loser; a moron; someone foolish who doesn’t know what they are saying.”

“RIM device known as a blackberry that allows its users to smoke crack and pretend that they are at the office working.”

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