Berry Review, teasing us all with Blackberry OS 4.5 screen shots

Berry Review has posted 3 separate post of new Blackberry OS 4.5 on the way…. eventually…. sometime.
Screenshots 1, Email
New Media Player Screen Shots
Documents for Blackberry Screenshots

Free Red and Black, Blackberry Curve Theme

Free Red and Black, Blackberry Curve Theme.  Check out for more free blackberry themes.  Also check out our full list of free Blackberry Themes.

Click Here to download the ZIP file for this theme.

Blackberry 9000 hits the wild today… packing 3g and Wi-Fi

First off here is the Picture Gallery of Blackberry 9000 phone.
The New Blackberry 9000 has hit the wild.  What is it packing?  New User interface (see video here), full QWERTY keypad, Camera and Flash, HSDPA 3g and Wi-Fi.  So yes the Blackberry 9000 will be RIM’s first 3g device.  When will it launch?  No clue.   [...]

Blackberry 9000 Featuring 3g and Wi-Fi User Interface

This is a Video of the new Blackberry 9000 User Interface

Ordered new Blackberry Pearl 8120

I ordered my new Blackberry Pearl 8120 yesterday so I should be getting it Monday and will have lots of new info and different things to post with that.

Blackberry Pearl Butterfly Theme

Free Butterfly Theme for Blackberry Pearl 8100 series.  Make sure to check out Cherri Chiodo for more free blackberry themes.  Also Check out our full list of free themes.

Click here to download the Zip file for this theme.

Verizon makes top 5 worst places to work

First thanks to BerryReview for their post and pointing this out.
Verizon-Note to anyone who may be in the market for a new cell plan. The term “free upgrade” does not mean the same to Verizon as it may to you. Oh yeah, and I lied about Best Buy having the longest check-out lanes in the [...]

My reply to Dave’s Comment on the Pearl 2.

Congrats Dave on a great comment!  I feel on fire tonight so I am going to post a reply for your comment.
First Dave’s Comment to the “How to Frustrate a Blackberry 8130 User.”
“Hey there, just wanted to say that I do enjoy your blog and subscribe to it.
Are you aware that the BlackBerry 8130, 8110, [...]

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