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Im addicted to Chuzzle!

I downloaded Chuzzle yesterday from Bplay for my blackberry pearl… I started playing some last night and then today I am totally addicted to this game!  Its a simple little puzzle game but man its very addicting.  So beware, download it and play it but enjoy.

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  1. avatar Xuyen Nguyen Says:

    Dear Chuzzle Enthusiast,

    We’ve come across your love of Chuzzle on the internet and we’d like to thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with the world. It’s exciting to see your positive reaction to our favorite fuzzy furry friends ;)

    We sincerely appreciate your blogging about Chuzzle, and we thought you’d be the perfect candidate to join our new invite-only blogger notification group. Joining this select group will allow you access to exclusive content concerning Chuzzle and the rest of our games before anyone else! This group is just beginning to grow, and we’d really like for you to be one of the inaugural members! To further demonstrate our appreciation for your efforts, we’d like to make sure you’re getting your Chuzzle fix in every way possible. We’ve created a special code for you to download the full version of Chuzzle for free!

    If this Chuzzle itch is already satisfied, we also have a new version of Chuzzle for your Mac or you can try any of our other games for free (my favorite is Peggle) – just let us know which one you’d prefer and we’ll send it along ( you can always gift your free copy to someone else…:).

    Again, thank you for your enthusiastic support and please let us know (by responding to this e-mail) if you’d like to join our blogger group!


    Xuyen Nguyen
    Community Relations Specialist

  2. avatar alicia Frost Says:

    I would absolutely love the activation code for the full version of chuzzle. I am also and addict. I love the game scrubbles as well but can’t seem to find a version for my blackberry. Please please send me the code…………

  3. avatar Xuyen Nguyen Says:


    Thanks for replying, I never received an email, so please forgive my late response. I would love to give you the code! But unfortunately, I cannot do that on this public blog. I believe you get access to my email address, when I submit this comment. Please contact me via email and I will get that out to you!


  4. avatar rchung Says:

    Does this code work for Chuzzle in black berry?
    Can I also have it?? Thanks.

  5. avatar F ALvarado Says:

    can I get it too?? pleaseeeeeeeee! thanks

  6. avatar Pattie Says:

    can I get the code too? email to me! thanks!

  7. avatar Gary Says:

    I would love to have the Chuzzle activation code please.

  8. avatar hermosa Says:

    I would love to get the code for chuzzle.PLEASE…best game ever!

  9. avatar Pattie Says:

    Xuyen, what is your email address?

  10. avatar Eddie Says:

    It would be steller if I could get the activation code for the full version of chuzzle. I am also and addict. I love the game scrubbles as well. Please please send me the code.

  11. avatar Rebecca Says:


    I hope the code for the Blackberry Chuzzle is still available. Like many others, I am addicted. Do you have the code for UNO as well?

    Thanks a bunch!!


  12. avatar Mallory Smith Says:

    I have the mac version of Chuzzle Deluxe…does your code work for this as well? If so I would love to have you email me the activation code.

  13. avatar lithiumkat Says:

    I had the code. But when I installed the Pearl Updates, it totally screwed the activation code, now I can’t find it again even though I bought it. If you’d be willing to share it, that’d rock!

  14. avatar Chris Says:

    can i have the activation code please!!

  15. avatar dee Says:

    Xuyen, if you have the website for the game scrubbles can u forward it to me please

  16. avatar ada Says:

    hi!…can someone share the activation code of chuzzle deluxe 1.0 for mac with me please!!!…i really would appreciate it, because my father loves it, so he could play it….thanks!!!….

  17. avatar marcia Says:

    i would like to get the code for chuzzle blackberry please!!!!

  18. avatar marcia Says:

    i would like to get the code for chuzzle blackberry please!!

  19. avatar carly Says:
  20. avatar Carly Says:
  21. avatar harry kim Says:
  22. avatar stephanie Says:

    Can I have the code please as well…I have blackberry 9530

  23. avatar Ondina Says:
  24. avatar sanya Says:
  25. avatar Cat Says:

    I would love to have the code for blackberry chuzzle please!

  26. avatar olya Says:
  27. avatar Stephanie K. Says:
  28. avatar Yoan Says:

    Could u send me the chuzzle activation code for 8900 curve please? I’m eager to play it soon on my blackberry device… Thanks a lot :)

  29. avatar Chimeré Says:
  30. avatar brandon arnold Says:

    i was wondering if the code for chuzzle is stil there is so id love to have it i got a pc version and i love it

  31. avatar Olivia Gates Says:
  32. avatar Carly Says:

    Please stop emailing me for the code, no one ever sent it to me, so I don’t have it.
    Thank you,

  33. avatar Nicole Says:
  34. avatar Alele Says:
  35. avatar abbie Says:

    cn you please email me the activation code for chuzzleeeeee please.
    thankssssss =]]

  36. avatar Gonzalo Salomon Says:
  37. avatar Gonzalo Salomon Says:

    Can i have the code please

  38. avatar Gonzalo Salomon Says:
  39. avatar Jewel Says:

    hi i would really like the chuzzle activation code as i myself am a chuzzle addict. thanks alot!

  40. avatar Rach Says:
  41. avatar preethi Says:

    i love chuzzle game…am adicted 2 it..plz send me the activation code…

  42. avatar Lynelle Says:

    Does anyone still have the code for the free chuzzle on blackberry?

  43. avatar Danie Says:

    could i please have the code to please i love this game so much lol

    thank you

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