Why is wireless data so great?

Posted on April 6, 2008
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It’s a Sunday afternoon about 3pm in Western North Carolina.  Warm, about 65 degrees, flowers in bloom and a nice view of the mountains.  I am on my front porch laid back in a hammock swing on my laptop.  Wireless internet and data to my laptop from a wireless internet router.  Yep a sunny Sunday afternoon and I’m writing this blog entry from my front porch in a hammock swing, what could be better.  I have my Blackberry beside me so I can text and stay in touch with who I need to and make plans for later today.  Even If I wanted to go I have all the info and data that I need on my blackberry.  If I feel the need for more I can even take my laptop and tether it with my blackberry out in a park or wherever.  Today with with wireless internet, cell phones, blackberry’s, and data devices we are virtually unlimited with the ability to connect to anyone and anywhere in the World.  Whats the next big step?  T Mobile is already on the way with phones with built in Wi-Fi talking.  You can literally take an RV anywhere you want and with a Satellite internet connection be able to access the internet and with the Ability of Voice Over IP be able to talk and send text and more.  Now granted VO IP probably isnt something you really want to do over a satellite internet connection, it is possible and im sure the technology will continue to improve.  What else is growing in wireless?  TV via IP.  Yes, Dish Network and other companies are looking at distributing Satellite/Cable TV service over the internet to anywhere you are.  Live TV with just an internet connection.  There is already Sling Box, which with a DVR device at home and a broadband internet connection you can stream your recorded content to wherever you are,   even a mobile smart phone.  With the promise of 4g data coming to the US in 2010 the possibilities seem endless on what wireless will and can bring us.  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that cell phones had a black and white display, Motorola came out with the T720 phone with a color display and then camera phones came.  Technology has most definitely changed our lives for good and it seems like their is no climax to the growth of wireless data.


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