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Verizon gets its own HTC Phone, XV6900

Verizon users get a new Smart Phone with the XV6900.  Its pretty much a CDMA HTC touch but of course Verizon in their dumb ways have to load it down with Verizon software to slow down the windows phone with HTC Touch flo.  I’m also not sure they they didn’t brand it as HTC as instead of a “Verizon” phone.  I mean HTC is pretty much on a roll in the US with the Touch and the 8525 phones.  They are a lot of HTC fans and might pick up even more people if they would have branded it HTC.

“We’ve just received word that the blindingly white XV6900, Verizon’s rendition of the HTC Touch theme, will be available online on April 16 with in-store stock following on come April 30. That’s a considerably healthier turnaround time from first rumor to availability than the XV6800, we’ve got to say — and hopefully, it’s a trend Verizon (and all carriers, for that matter) will be able to stick to. Contract-signers will be able to get their TouchFLO on for a nominal fee of $349.99 after $50 rebate” Engadget Mobile

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