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People and their ignorance

This morning I had the joy of a lady bringing me her nokia 6085 and wanting to pair it with a Verizon bluetooth headset.  She didn’t buy it from me in the first place so I was just like yeah I don’t sell that kind of headset and blowing her off.  But I did take the time to explain the basics of syncing a bluetooth headset with her phone.  She went on to argue with me that the Samsung phone she had before worked fine with her bluetooth and she never had to sync her headset before.  That somehow she never had to actually put the headset into sync mode and it just worked period.  I really was being very nice and didn’t say anything bad and explained you have to put the headset into sync mode or the phone will not recognize it.  Yet she decided to argue with me for about 3 minutes or so and finally just decided to tell me “I didn’t know what she was talking about.”  So evidently to this lady my years of experience and knowledge are nothing to what she knows.  It was very funny and pretty laughable.  But thought I would rant that out for everybody to get to enjoy her ignorance also.

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  1. avatar bob Says:

    If you didn’t act like all you wanted to do was just “blow off” customers, maybe you’d get more that enjoy talking to you and actually benefit from your so called “years of experience”. You must be pretty dumb for an old lady to claim you don’t know anything. Try being nicer to your customers dumb shit

  2. avatar gas418 Says:

    Thanks Bob. I’m assuming you don’t work with the public or havnt. Or work in a job relating to the mass public. There is a large percent of the population that is uneducated and really isnt worth my time, espically when they arnt willing to spend any money in my store. That means my other customers are paying for this ladies time not her. Time is money.

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