10 Reasons that the iPhone doesn’t match up to a Blackberry

Posted on April 30, 2008
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CrackBerry did a top 10 list of “Why the iPhone is No BlackBerry”

10. The iPhone’s Not Designed for One-Handed Operation
9. Every iPhone is Created Equally—At Least on the Outside
8. No Removable Battery, No Backup Power Supply for the iPhone
7. The iPhone Has No Native Video Recording Capabilities
6. The iPhone Is Too Darn Expensive
5. The iPhone Doesn’t Support VoWi-Fi—Even Though It Could and Should
4. iPhone User? No GPS for You
3. Want an iPhone? Hope You’re Ready to Switch Wireless Carriers…
2. No Physical Keyboard? No Thanks.
1. The iPhone Third-Party Apps Debacle

Make sure to read the full expanded list, it’s a very good read.


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