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LG’s touch screen VU popping up in ATT retail stores already

LG is ready to make a big splash with their LG VU with ATT wireless. They are already have a huge market share with CDMA and Verizon, but never had that with ATT Wireless, until now atleast. LG’s Shine has been a hit with ATT Wireless so far and now they will have a huge hit with the VU on ATT’s network.

“Stores have started stocking up on Vus ahead of their launch next week, and we’re getting a little photography here to prove it. It looks like this one is an honest-to-goodness CU920, too, meaning it sports MediaFLO reception — either that, or AT&T was too lazy to put the Mobile TV-less CU915 model in a different package without the “TV” icon on the screen. We’re still hearing May 5 is the official launch day for these, but it seems some locations are selling early, so try your luck and let us know how it goes, k?” Engadget Mobile

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