CrackBerry and their Blackberry 9000 they bought off ebay Part 2

Posted on May 7, 2008
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CrackBerry has released a second post for their Blackberry 9000 that they bought off of ebay before release, plus a video.  Make sure to read the full 2nd post about the Blackberry 9000.

“Sorry for the delays folks. Next time I get my hands on a pre-release device I’ll be sure to write Part II before putting Part I live. I’ve been inundated with emails and distractions since news of the eBay 9000’s emergence broke, and in true CrackBerry Addict fashion I try never to get too far behind on my emails (besides, it’s giving me some practice on the 9000’s keyboard!).” CrackBerry, Ready the full post.


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