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This is very cool new MP3 player for Blackberry in Beta

“Miutunes. Take out the ‘M’ and the ‘U’ and you have ‘iTunes’. Sound familiar? Well it will certainly look familiar. If you like the ‘iPod’ (Touch or iPhone) style of media player then you are going to love this one. ” Berry Review, check out the full story.

This is very cool looking from what screen caps I have saw. I have an ipod Touch and the screen shots I have saw so far kind of emulate the ipod touch or iphone software. Check out their Website MiuTunes

“Why spend several hundreds of dollars on a new music player?

MiuTunes transforms your BlackBerry into one of the coolest music players and save the hassle of carrying multiple gadgets and headsets.

What’s more, the capacity of your music library is extensible by upgrading your memory card to any size, e.g. 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB (limited by your BlackBerry hardware and OS). ” MiuTunes, check out their little tour also.

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