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Free Black and Pink Vista Blackberry Curve Themes

Berry Review has posted 2 more free Blackberry Curve Themes, check these out in both black and pink.  Also check out our list of free blackberry themes.

Free Black and Pink Vista Blackberry Curve ThemesFree Black and Pink Vista Blackberry Curve Themes

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  1. avatar effel edesro Says:
  2. avatar miz_pinky07 Says:

    I love it how can I download it

  3. avatar miz_pinky07 Says:
  4. avatar joe o'connell Says:

    How can I get this theme for my girl? She has a bb curve and loves this theme!!

  5. avatar nora Says:

    how do i download the free themes for my BB curve to my phone help i want these i can get them i want my phone to have all these without paying $6.99 for one theme help me gray or any one,,nora

  6. avatar aimclix Says:

    How do I get the theme for my phone I lovee it.

  7. avatar crysatl Says:

    well how do i download it?
    i love it
    but i don’t wanna pay

  8. avatar Robyn20877 Says:

    I love the free black and pink vista themes . . . how do I download to my bb curve?

  9. avatar Dwaipayan Chakraborty Says:

    great themes…but how do i download them ???

  10. avatar Jenni Combs Says:

    How do I download these free themes to my blackberry?

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