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Zelda Beta 3 Free Blackberry Game Download


I have posted about the free Zelda game download for your blackberry before but now there is a Beta 3 version, which is an update.  You can check out the mobile rated game page here or go to from your blackberry for the OTA download.  Make sure to check out our growing list of free blackberry games.

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  1. avatar matt briggs Says:
  2. avatar tim Says:
  3. avatar ziiii Says:

    Can’t swim stuck
    T the thethe

  4. avatar ziiii Says:
  5. avatar jeff Says:
  6. avatar Peter Says:
  7. avatar Matt Says:

    This is really fun but i want full version :(

  8. avatar rob Says:

    How do I play with the rollerball?

  9. avatar german Says:

    how can i get this game on my bb? its not in the .ali or.alx format

  10. avatar roach Says:

    WHEn will the next upgrade come around, beta4 ?

  11. avatar Tyler Says:

    When will the full version be out?

  12. avatar Brian Says:

    Why does it seem like nothing works right on my 8350i.. Every game ive tried seems to have problems.. With this one, I could set the key config, but no matter what happened, they never worked right.
    I begining to wonder if my 8350i is a bad choice.

  13. avatar Chexican Says:

    how do you download it? i downloaded the file onto my PC but the device manager (when i try to download the folder to apps) says “There is an XML syntax error on line 1″
    PLEASE HELP!!! :(

  14. avatar bob Says:

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