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Free Bubble Popper Game for Blackberry

Free Bubble Popper Game for Blackberry

Free Bubble Popper Game Download for your Blackberry.

“A wonderfully simplistic, yet extremely addictive puzzle game in which the player is presented with a grid of bubbles, each of which is one of five colors.

The point of the game is simple: remove bubbles from the grid by double-clicking groups of two or more adjacent, like-colored bubbles. The longer your bubble chains are, the more points you score. ”

This is the Zip Link for the game.

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  1. avatar Scott Says:

    This is cool. I love blackberry

  2. avatar Laura Says:
  3. avatar Laura Says:
  4. avatar Wendy Says:

    i tried to download Bubble Popper on my new BB Curve, and it says the item you selected cannot bedisplayed. do you wish to save the item? y/n so how do i download the game? thanks

  5. avatar Francine Says:

    I tried to download this game buUt would only save it

  6. avatar cathy Says:

    this was a kool game, except it only had one level.. that sucks!

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