iScribble notebook looking free Blackberry Pearl theme

Nancy Drew has made a great looking free iScribble Notebook theme for the Blackberry Pearl, also with a few great looking premium pearl themes.  Click here to get the OTA link to download this great looking free blackberry pearl theme.  Make sure to check out our full list of free blackberry themes.

Grid Magic free Spreedsheet software for your Blackberry

CrackBerry has a spreedsheet program called Grid Magic, and the best part is its totally free.
“There are different editions of GridMagic to suit different needs:
GridMagic Community Edititon - with basic features, free for personal and educational use.
GridMagic Standard - with standard features, for commercial use.
GridMagic Professional - with advanced features, for commercial use.
GridMagic Enterprise - [...]

Tired of your Blackberry Camera making noise?

This is pretty cool. Berry Reviewhas posted about a program that will allow you to turn off the shutter sound for your blackberry. Sometimes its really annoying to have that shutter, espically if your in an office or a public room. It isn’t free but hey its only $3.95, not bad if you want to [...]

Bill Gates Stepping down.

I was watching Fox News this morning and they reported that Bill Gates will be stepping down from the head of Microsoft, as far as running the business. He of course still holds all of his stock and power. But said he wanted to spend more time runnign his chairty.

New and Free Lacoste Blackberry Curve Theme

New and free Blackberry Curve theme featuring the brand Lacoste.  Check out Nancy Drew’s site who designed this and also check out here for the OTA download link.  Also make sure to check out our full list of free blackberry themes.

CrackBerry Blackberry Theme “CorkBerry”

Very cool CorkBerry Crackberry Theme. Zach the Z Man that we are friends with and has made great themes for us has made this theme for Crackberry. Here is the Blackberry Pearl theme, The Blackberry Curve Theme, The Blackberry 8800 Theme.
Make sure to check out our full list of free blackberry themes.

New Blackberry Advertisement in Sports Illustrated

Blackberry has a new ad featuring a Blackberry Pearl on the back cover of the most recent Sports Illustrated Magazine

My Global Talk VoIP for Blackberry Give-a-way

My Global Talk and Boy Genius Report are giving away $50 gift cards for My Global Talk VoIP international calling service from your blackberry.  It is a VoIP serice for your Blackberry to allow you to call international for only $0.02  a min.  Go Here to Regester to win one of the $50 gift cards [...]

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