Ok sorry as a guy I guess I find this funny, Menstrual Calander for Blackberry

Most girls I know can keep up with their menstrual cycle and you can usualy tell when it is that time.  But incase not or you need help there is a program for your blackberry called Menstrual Calander.

  • Benefits: Keep your diary. Anywhere. Anytime. Mobile.
  • Sort: Entries are showed to you in the order you created them.
  • Export: Allows you to export your entries to share or transfer entries to your computer.
  • Export Formats: Text files, HTML, and even MemoPad entries.
  • Statistics: Figure out your longest, shortest and average period. 
  • These are all things I am dying to know!  Maybe you want to keep track of your girlfriends period too! But anyway you can check it out from CrackBerry.

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    1. avatar Kirsten Says:

      I would probably never use this, but the sheer concept of it is awesome/hilarious XD

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