Blackberry Pearl, Curve and 8800 free Black Porsche Bottom Theme

Blackberry Pearl, curve and 8800 free theme featuring a Black Porsche.  This new theme needs OS 4.5 to run and features the bottom zen. Check out our full list of free blackberry themes.

Click here to go to the download page and download the ZIP file for this theme.

Get iTunes on your blackberry now, with blackberry media sync

“Your Music on Your BlackBerry Smartphone. It’s That Simple.
Use BlackBerry Media Sync to get your desktop iTunes® music files on your BlackBerry® smartphone.1,2,3,4 Whether it’s a specific playlist from your collection, or a random mix of tunes, it’s incredibly easy to transfer the music you want to take with you.
Music for the gym? A random [...]

Video from Boy Genius of the new Blackberry bold

Click here to check out the Boy Genius Report and their video

Nancy Drew Has a Theme Club

Nancy Drew is now releasing all of her great themes through her Theme Club.  Make sure to check it out, we have posted a lot of her free themes here so make sure to check out her theme club.

CrackBerry has their hands on a Blackberry KickStart 8220

CrackBerry has their hands on the new Blackberry KickStart 8220 and has the first full review on the net.

Clamshell / flip phone form factor
Quad-band radios: GSM/GPRS/EDGE (no 3G)
240 x 320 internal LCD (think Curve/8800 display flipped to portrait)
160 x 128 external display
2 megapixel camera
3.5mm headset jack
externally accessible microSD card slot
OS version 4.6
“Next Gen” SureType keyboard
8220 [...]

ATT Finally! allowing Yahoo and MSN Messnagers on their Blackberry’s without hacking

It is about time!  I have never understood why ATT would not make it easy for people to use Yahoo and MSN or any messanger on their Blackberry.  Hell you bought the Blackberry, you are paying the monthly bill let people stay in contact with them damn Peeps already!
You can go to from your Blackberry [...]

Very hot X-Blue Theme posted on PinStack for Blackberry OS 4.5

You Have to have blackberry OS 4.5 on your Blackberry first of all.  This theme is for blackberry 8100, 8300, 8800, 8700 series.  So pretty much all newer blackberry’s it will work on.  Check out our full list of free blackberry themes also.

Click Here to visit the PinStack Page

Basic Blackberry Shortcuts

Crackberry has posted some great Basic Blackberry Shortcuts, even how to set up a signature on your blackberry.  Take a look at it, there is plenty you can learn from reading this.

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