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New very cool Blackberry Pearl Hidden Theme

Do what?  Ok take a look at Cherri Chiodo’s new blackberry pearl theme.  Cherri has made a nice looking blackberry pearl hidden theme.  Check out our full list of free blackberry themes.

blackberry pearl theme

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  1. avatar satendra Says:

    Dear plz send me the link of hidden theme of pearl

  2. avatar TaLoN Says:

    That hidden theme looks dumb…..sorry just is.

  3. avatar shane Says:

    Can u please send me the link for the hidden blackberry theme please. Thank u

  4. avatar coopsgirl Says:

    cool. this way, a nosey sig other will look at it and not know where to start, lol.

  5. avatar Says:

    Can you please email me the link for this theme? Thank you!

  6. avatar jLum Says:

    Love the theme! Could I possibly get the link to this theme?

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