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I dont need a Blackberry Bold that bad…

I dont need a Blackberry Bold that bad...

I was reading my email and GMail and an ad across the top said get an unbranded Blackberry Bold for $839.99. Do I really want a blackberry bold so much that I would chunk out almost a grand! Damn! Here is the site that it was advertising.

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  1. avatar DavidB Says:

    $819 at Horizon Wireless.

    $549.99 at AT&T without contract come November 4.

  2. avatar Chris Hamilton Says:

    Hi there,

    I left you a comment a while ago and asked if you could email me but I never heard from you.

    I work on a mobile phone website network and would like to discuss a partnership.

    Please email me at chris.hamilton @


  3. avatar Jeremy Says:

    I was at a store called futuretronics and they had the Bold for $839.00. lol…

  4. avatar Chris W Says:

    Ok so I just recently bought the Blackberry Bold from AT&T and only paid $200 for it with a two year contract. Now if you aren’t signing up with new service, it might be better to just get the curve. There are functions that the Bold performs better than the Curve, but overall functionality is the same. One of the biggest perks about the Bold is the wifi. I love the phone and love it so much better than my curve.

  5. avatar Jim Says:

    Are you kidding me? The price they are asking for these phones is crazy. My pearl is just fine. What no WIFI, No GPS? Man all i do is read the news while sitting on the pot. You all need to invest that money n the stock market.

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