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NxSET – Music 1 (Neckphones)

I tried to Google, and Wikipedia ‘fear of earphones’. I was not able to find a clinical name for this phobia, but I know people that absolutely can’t stand wearing earphones, or earbuds. For these people, a solution has presented it self. Neckphones.

I’m not saying that Neckphones are going to revolutionize the industry, but for those who find earphones uncomfortable could be a nice option. Especially if you want to listen to your music with a bit of privacy, or don’t want to disturb others.

Here’s a feature list, that the Neckphones provide:
* Revolutionary Personal Technology
* Personal Listening & Communicating Meets Sharability
* Function Meets Fashion
* Ergonomic, Innovative Design

Another cool feature of the neckphones, is they come with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. There’s two options included for recharging, USB or wall adaptor.

Here’s a video from WebProNews with some more information about the device:

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