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Apple releases third iPhone 3.0 beta

Apple has released a third iPhone OS 3.0 beta to developers. While the updates are minor, there are encouraging signs that push notifications are coming together, as well as a hint of possible future iPhone app development possibilities.

Ars Technica reports that developers can now choose between three distinct types of notifications for push alert — icon badge, text alert, or sound. Rather than leave the alert type up to the local application, developers can choose which type they want on the server level. Ars reports that this is a welcome change.

More intriguing is an enhancement to Dashcode, Apple’s IDE for developing Dashboard widgets for the desktop version of OS X. Apple now allows developers to use Dashcode to develop iPhone-targeted Web apps. This is an interesting development, since many have speculated that Apple might create Dashboard-like app functionality on the iPhone, especially since several bundled iPhone apps (like Stocks and Weather) strongly resemble Dashboard applications, and since Web-style app development is touted as one of the strengths of Palm’s upcoming Pre handheld.

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