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Review on the Streamlined Bluetooth Headset: Jawbone 2

Bluetooth technology has taken the world by storm as far as being integrated into portable devices is concerned. Our mobile phones, gaming pads, and so many other devices are utilizing Bluetooth technology. A common demand now is Bluetooth headsets and the first Jawbone headset introduced this concept very well. However, the next model, the new Jawbone 2 has brought all the features plus many great improvements.

The Jawbone 2 is smaller, and voice quality is much improved. It has a slick design as opposed to its predecessor. It’s easy to use, compact and fits the ear nicely with its many shaped accessories and thin plastic ear hooks. What is making this new model more of an impact on the market? The answer is its award winning ‘Noise Assassin’ technology? It’s a revolutionary move as most background noise is not heard by the user. The clarity of the reception is clear even in a noisy environment like a bar or a shopping mall.

One of the many complaints was not being able to wear sunglasses with these headsets – that is fine with the Jawbone 2. The ear pieces are thin hooks so won’t interfere with your spectacles. The shielding is very comfortable with its perforated covering and it seats comfortably against your skin. It’s a pleasant and ergonomic design.

The one issue you will encounter is when the wind blows. If you take a stroll one windy night, the Jawbone 2 can be problematic as wind is not constant interference like an electrical unit. The filtering will not be constant as a result.

Despite the size, there’s no actual fast way to conceal the headset. Though, this is not a bad thing as when you pass people in the street, they won’t think you are talking to yourself!

One disadvantage is that the small buttons can be accidentally pressed when trying to adjust its seating position on your ear. This is because they are touch-sensitive buttons. One button starts or terminates a call, and the other is the noise toggle. Though, this touch button approach reduces clutter normally seen on Bluetooth headsets.

The Jawbone 2 is a must-have if you spend a great deal of time using your phone. It’s ultra-smooth, sleek in design, and takes noise reduction to a new level of high quality headset reception.

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