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Hulu coming to iPhone

Media mega-site Hulu is coming in a few months to the iPhone App Store in the form of a dedicated viewer app. The program, which is already being described as “badass” and just as good as the Web site, will let users view streaming Hulu content on the go using either 3G or wi-fi networks.

Citing a “plugged-in” industry executive, Bussiness Insider’s Silicon Alley blog reports that Hulu is developing the app for iPhone and iPod touch. Blogger Dan Frommer writes that Hulu has proven itself in the online streaming world, so its mobile app “could be the best.” So far, Hulu has not commented.

Hulu content is streamed through the user’s browser rather than downloaded, though, so unless the iPhone Hulu app adds some kind of download feature (which is unlikely) iPhone users won’t be able to save their videos for later viewing. As Frommer points out, this would negate the most common iPhone video viewing scenario — watching videos on the subway or airplane — because of limited network connectivity.

A dedicated Hulu app would certainly be a boon to the iPhone. The site has one of the best catalogues out there, and since it’s free users will have carte blanche to watch as they please. Even though the app will compete with Apple’s paid video content in the iTunes Store, the company will likely allow the Hulu app to further spur iPhone adoption.

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