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Tapbots founders go full-time for iPhone development

The iPhone App Store money train continues to reward some dedicated developers who create highly polished, uniquely iPhone-esque applications. In a post to Tapbots’ weblog, founders Mark Jardine and Paul Haddad have announced that they are quitting their day jobs to work on their popular iPhone apps full-time.

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As The Apple Blog reports, Jardine and Haddad have made between $500,000 and $600,000 since they released their first app Weightbot. That’s not a bad return on what is essentially a $0 investment. Both developers devoted only their own time to creating their applications, relying on word of mouth (including a plug from John Gruber) to spread the word about their applications.

In the short time that the iPhone OS has been around, the philosophy of “one thing, as well as possible” seems to have taken hold. In their blog post, Jardine and Haddad state that they aren’t planning on changing any aspect of the business model that’s brought them success so far. Instead, they’ll keep on focusing on small, simple apps that do one thing very, very well.

Convertbot and Weightbot are two bright spots on an App Store that seems to be filled with flashy, annoying software. Hopefully more developers can adopt Tapbots business philosophy — not only will it (hopefully) make them rich, but it will make for a more rewarding and just plain enjoyable iPhone experience for the rest of us.

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