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Blackberry Versus iPhone – Which is the better phone?

For this comparison, I shall look at the Smartphone models; these are the iPhone 3G and two Blackberry models – Bold and Storm. It’s really about preference on an ergonomic level versus the necessary requirements i.e. is it for business use mainly or for personal use only. This is where buyers need to draw the line and decide based on practicality rather than all the bells and whistles.

Almost a quarter of the many millions of cell phones sold in 2008 were smartphones. So, it’s no surprise that consumer demand has influenced the arrival of so many applications for smartphones. For one example, Skype has been added to the platforms on both the Blackberry and iPhone cell phone clients.

The mobile application market is set to add that extra ray of sunshine for both phone models. It’s about flexibility and what the consumer needs to be able to access each day: checking emails, watching videos, browsing the web, networking on facebook or just updating a blog. The cell phone application market is exploding with innovations such as Wizi, a social web application that allows users to know the locations of their friends for an example in the social community arena.

The smartphones emerging just improve with each model whether it’s a blackberry or an iPhone. In the end, it’s the practical usage required by the consumer that decides which model is best.

Both are practical devices whether for business or personal use. Here are 10 points to consider before you decide on your flashy smartphone:

1.      The Blackberry models are best suited to those whom use email for business purposes on a regular basis. The iPhone with its multimedia capabilities is more suitable for regular consumers whom like browsing the web, and listening to music with access to the iTunes store.

2.      The iPhone has a much more ergonomic design and a more intuitive user interface. For example, web browsing is very simple via the user-friendly controls.

3.      The iPhone has an in-built YouTube application.

4.      The Blackberry models lack Wi-Fi ability whereas the iphone has Wi-Fi to compliment its GPRS and super-3G connections. Both models allow users to download Skype. Though, at present, it only supports Wi-Fi.

5.      The iphone has touchscreen functionality with easy sifting from one menu button to another. The Blackberry Bold has the standard push-button keyboard.

6.      The Blackberry best suits email users whom need to type quickly on a standard keyboard layout with a QWERTY layout as with computers. The preference to have a keyboard will lean the blackberry more towards business users whom need familiar access to mail on the road each day.

7.      Both phones have SAT-NAV ability with Google maps though the iPhone does not have traffic information or the real-time directions that people are accustomed to gaining via a SAT-NAV system.

8.      The Blackberry Storm model camera can record video whereas video recording is not a function of the iphone.

9.      The Blackberry Bold and Storm models have greater storage capacity locally whereas the iPhone 3G relies on remote server storage.

10.  The Blackberry Storm model has a faster processor than previous models and so downloading attachments is a lot faster than the iphone.

Perhaps this list will enable you to make an informed choice as to which phone suits your needs best. List your reasons for purchasing a Smartphone and look carefully at what you will gain from its functions. This practical approach will set you in the right direction.

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