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Find Your Friends with Wizi

Driving the social web community phenomena further is Wizi; this web 2.0 application was developed using the very popular Android platform for cell phone application developers. The innovation here is being able to know the location of your friends at any given time and interact directly as you do on facebook. Wizi uses the phone’s GPS ability (if that is present on the phone) to define the exact location of anyone in your group. The phone cellID is used to identify you to another Wizi user, and Wi-Fi does the rest.

The cell phone market is stretching out its vast technology reach with developers using the Android SDK to create sets of great applications like this. While you can have facebook send messages and photos to your cell phone, Wizi has much more of a mobile social community connection making it more flexible as people carry their phones around all day. The GPS ability is not required unless you want live views of your friends. For example, you can use it to obtain directions to your friend’s location.

Any routes that you post can be sent to people via twitter, or email, from your cellular. You can also send notes or photos to twitter or facebook. Do you have an active blog? If you find yourself on the road and want to update your blog with a photo, you can upload the files. By combining sharing information with a tracking facility, this new and amazing free android application is surely set to take the cell phone market by storm.

No need to worry about this being intrusive in any way, just like on facebook, only your active friends can seek you out. The application needs to be actually running, so just turn it off if you don’t wish to be connected. Also, if you want to leave it running, decide who gets permission to ‘see’ you from your account. So, privacy is still fine and you don’t have to reveal your actual location.

Networks are now catering for some staggering applications like this sturdy addition to the world of web 2.0. Speed is increasing all the time as is bandwidth allowance to networks from the top ISPs. This is allowing for increased weight on networks with applications like Wizi. What’s more, Wizi is very user-friendly; there is no learning curve attached to the application. You will be up and running in minutes.

Go to for more details on compatibility for various models. Or, if you want go straight to downloading Wizi, visit from your cell phone.

So, where are your friends right now?

Have fun in cellular space!

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