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Transfer Ringtones To Your iPhone with iToner 2

The iToner software from Ambrosia Software has been a popular choice for iPhone users wanting to transfer ringtones. Their recent update adds a host of new functions. There really is no easier way to manage your ringtones from a Mac computer and transfer to your iPhone.

Free software does exist but if you want ease of use, a very low learning curve, and ‘point and click’ functionality – then iToner 2 should be the top choice.

You can create ringtones using various clips as the latest version supports the range of formats: AAC, WAVE, AIFF or MP3 formats. Creating personal ringtones is a breeze with this software. You can sync songs for later use if needed.  Also, an update is available that supports the iPhone firmware version 1.1.1 so Ambrosia have nicely kept iPhone users happy.

Why is this software so easy to use? As mentioned, it’s a drag and drop process. Simply drag your music files into the iToner window and then press the Sync button to complete the action. These ringtones are then available to you immediately.  Customized ringtones are in popular demand globally and so many sites exist selling all kinds of goofy files. It’s become a popular pastime for many people whom have grown to love mixing up files in their spare time.

There are ways to use iTunes to send files to the iPhone though it does mean altering the settings in iTunes depending on the format. Though if you don’t mind that then using iTunes is fine.  The idea with using iToner 2 is to simplify the process. Using iToner 2, you can just copy ringtones directly to your iPhone.  

It’s quite organized for you too as any files waiting to be sent to the iPhone will bear a sync icon. Set up a list of tunes and decide later which ones suit you best. All it takes is a click on the sync button when you are ready.

The main competitor is Garageband which many ringtone makers argue is a much better choice. Though, Garageband is more expensive to buy than the iToner software. If you are a new Mac owner, the Garageband software will come pre-installed.  But it is not as simple to use in comparison to iToner 2 demanding just a basic ‘drag and drop’ requirement from the user and merely clicking on a button to sync with the iPhone.

Also, you don’t need iTunes to play a part here as it’s not needed to open your ringtones. One other nice aspect is that iToner 2 detects the iphone immediately upon connection. If mixing up tunes and customizing your own quirky little pieces of music on your Mac is something you indulge in quite regularly, iToner 2 will make your ringtone making and iphone syncing life an easier one.

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