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Breaking Rumors on iPhone’s Price Slash

According to the freshest of rumors from authoritative sources, the prospect of a $60/month iPhone subscription plan is well nigh a done deal. And if it’s not, Apple may want to strongly consider it, especially with all the rumor spinning and blog-burning that’s been going on. In a typically recession-style ‘stimulus plan,’ the ever-steady monthly cost of an iPhone subscription will drop by ten dollars—at the earliest by next week or maybe the week after.

But on a more speculative note, further rumors have been freshly stirred. Some of the econo-tech prophets go even further to suggest that Apple may have a cheaper phone ready to unveil, not just a reduced-price plan. The ‘cheaper phone’ could be a dumbed-down version of the iPhone, smaller perhaps and with a few less bells and whistles—like a touchscreen, for example. Owning one would still give you bragging rights to, “I have an iPhone,” but would limit your coolness slightly, because it would only cost $99. The cost-reduced phone would appeal to the larger crowd of have-nots, since Apple realizes that the lion’s share of their iPhones are being sold to 100k+ earners. A new phone at a lower cost could lure fans of other lower-priced smartphones, the penurious student population, and the much-predicted China market. Along with a reduced-cost iPhone would come a reduced-cost plan to match. The rumor mills haven’t quoted a price on that yet.


Another possibility is that Apple/AT&T would come out with a prepaid device. Again, a cost-reduction would be a big invite for potential customers, as well as deliver a blow to some of their prepaid competition. 

The rumors go by the name of Charlie, and by Apple’s conference time next month, all rumors should be cleared up. Apple is certainly gaining a lot of second looks from all sectors of the market, which is going to help their shares, regardless of whether or not we get to meet Charlie face-to-face.

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