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Phone in the Sun


For anyone who has ever felt the awful and (literally) sinking feeling of dropping a cell phone in the water, there is now a phone you should feel confident carrying just about anywhere. Bathroom. Shower. Water park. Beach. Not only does this new phone enjoy long walks on the beach, but it also works best when it spends long hours in the sun. Ah, yes. Perfect for a summer getaway!

Sharp’s new Solar Ketai, better known as the Solar Phone SH002, is the world’s first waterproof solar cell phone. The sun-powered smartphone has been in the works for several years, and now this June, the new solar phone will be revealed. For now, the plan is for the phone to be released only in Japan through KDDI, but if this phone lives up to its featured capabilities, it will be certain to become a hot item elsewhere. Because it is a green alternative to electricity-dependent devices, it may even be the first of many for a generation of solar powered cell phones.

In addition to being waterproof, the tiny solar panel boasts the ability to give the phone 10 minutes of talk time for every 2 hours in direct sunlight. But just 10 minutes of sunlight will get you 2 hours of standby time. Of course, if it is left out in the sun long enough, you have the potential to use this phone without ever needing to plug it in. The ultra-thin phone also features a 5-megapixel camera, onboard fitness software, and a built-in GPS that can interact with golf software. It is the ultimate vacation/recreation device.

With a price tag of more than over 400 USD, it might seem a little steep for this simple mobile phone. But if you’ve ever gotten wet retrieving your phone, you’ll quickly realize that the price more than makes up for the letdown of watching money go down the drain. As with most technology, as the solar phone is developed by more and more companies, we will most likely see it further enhanced and economized.

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