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The Grand Pre: AT&T Emerges as a New Seller

With the intense anticipation of the Palm Pre’s release in the next month, there has been much hype and speculation about the specifics. But it seemed clear that Sprint would be the seller of the Pre, at least until the end of their exclusive contract in 2009. Until today, no one knew who else might step in after the contract ended.

At the D: All Things Digital D7 Conference today, speaker and AT&T Chairman, CEO, and President, Randall Stephenson verbalized that he foresees AT&T also selling the Pre once Sprint’s contract has ended. Once again, AT&T is on the verge of selling another wildly successful smartphone. They’ve already invested billions of dollars into enhancing their wireless networks after the popularity of the iPhone, so there’s no doubt they’ll be ready when the time comes. And perhaps this new addition to the AT&T family will make up for the losses they’ve encountered in their landline business branch.

For eager Palm Pre fans who plan on buying at their Palm Pre phones at the beginning, they’ll have to go through Sprint. Sprint was hoping that the success of the Pre would boost their business, and it still may. But for the patient AT&T loyalists, AT&T will definitely gain a small monopoly now that the word is out. And if the Palm Pre shortage turns out to be what it’s made out , those who aren’t able to purchase their Pre at the initial release may decide to wait until AT&T begins selling. To add to the mix, one can only speculate what complications may arise over AT&T carrying what will most likely be two of the most popular smartphones: the iPhone and the Palm Pre.

So for now, the latest news in these pre-Palm Pre days is that AT&T will follow Sprint in selling the Palm Pre. What’s still unknown is print’s outtake on all this. Most likely we’ll be hearing their perspective soon.

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