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Stylish Bluetooth with The Nokia BH-900 Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets seem to have become part of a rather eclectic mix of mobile gadgetry involving headsets that want to push the ergonomics and technology that little bit further with each model. The Nokia Bluetooth BH-900 gives an elegant looking headset to users. The enhancements speak for themselves such as improved signal quality and a sliding microphone.Nokia 900 Headset

The mobile headsets are embracing DSP or Digital Signal Processing and looking for ways to improve on clarity and style. For most of us, if it seats comfortably and is providing high quality sound – that is enough. So, the elastic ear hook is a perfect choice for users to hit the comfort zone. Though you may want the slicker look as a Nokia user, something you can really appreciate.

Noise reduction capability is much improved, for example try listening in strong winds or a noisy bar. The DSP benefits are as clear as the quality. If the caller is complaining that clarity is not so great their end, this model comes with a sliding boom microphone. This way, you can adjust the audio levels on the microphone. The amount of talk time is a big plus with as much as 8 hours if necessary.

The Nokia BH-900 has buttons for volume, power and starting or terminating the call. It can also allow you to press to hold a call or redial if necessary. As a mobile gadget, it’s nice that the physical attributes were taken into consideration. It weighs very little and it can be easy to forget you are wearing it.

The style suits various people whether for business or personal use with dark grey and chrome colors. It’s a useful addition to the viral electronics market.

It also has an intercom or walkie-talkie style ‘Push to Talk’ function right on the headset. This is a multi-tasking feature really as you can have a group of users all chatting together over the network. You can’t send and receive messages at the same time just like a walkie-talkie. The advantage is that there is no dialing involved so this becomes a quick way to contact one or more people.

There may be compatibility differences with some models. The BH-900 is a Bluetooth Specification 1.1 compatible headset. Higher specifications are also supported. Some of its features like the ‘Push to Talk’ may not be compatible with various phones. So, if you have a different model, check the compatibility in the shop.

In a nutshell, the headset gives you style and quality all rolled into one very attractive Bluetooth device.

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